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Shengkai D97 is (YET) another SYMA X5 clone!

Another Syma X5 clone makes it to the quadcopter drone market


We’ve seen a tonne of Syma X5 and X5C clones in the recent months. The reason why companies clone the X5 so much is simple: it’s crazy popular.

Shengkai D97

Shengkai is a company you or me hadn’t heard of before, but the company is now out with a new quadcopter drone which is also a clone of the Syma X5. The quadcopter — known as the Shengkai D97 — comes with a design almost identical to that of the Syma X5C and features a 2 mega-pixel camera as well as WiFi FPV!

Shengkai D97 2

  • Model: Shengkai D97
  • Size group: Mini
  • Battery: 600mAh
  • Camera: 2 mega-pixel
  • Headless mode: Yes
  • Other: WiFi FPV
  • Price: $54 shipped

Since it’s a clone, it either has to (i) do what it does better than the Syma X5 or (ii) be really cheap. As you may have guessed already, the Shengkai D97 takes route #2.

It is just $54 shipped, which makes it a really affordable WiFi FPV quadcopter drone. You can find more info about the pricing and shipping on the listing page.

It has a 600mAh battery which is about the standard for mini quadcopter drones these days. Apart from WiFi FPV, it is the 90-degree rotatable camera that should catch your attention.

You can order the Shengkai D97 for $54 shipped globally.

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