I picked up the MJX X900 a little while ago, as it was pretty much the first nano hexacopter to come out. I wasn’t too impressed with it, as it seemed heavy, and the rates were a little low. Upon getting my JJRC H20, I immediately saw a big difference.

Let’s dig into the ins and outs of the hexacopter in the JJRC H20 review!

JJRC H20 Review: Specifications & Pricing


  • Model: JJRC H20
  • Size group: Nano
  • Camera: No
  • Battery: 150mAh
  • Charging times: 35 minutes
  • Flight times: 4.5-5 minutes
  • Flips: Yes
  • Speed modes: Three
  • Headless mode: Yes
  • One key return: Yes
  • In the box: JJRC H20 Mini Hexacoper, 3.7V 150mA battery, Transmitter, USB cable, Screwdriver, 6 x extra propellers, user manual

JJRC H20 Review: Flight Characteristics

JJRC H20 (30)

Upon closer inspection I noticed that the props were a bit thicker than the X900 ones, and the battery was also a 150mAh (compared to the 180mAh on the X900). Because of the battery being slightly smaller, and maybe a little bit lighter of a frame and more importantly the prop size, the power on the H20 is actually very respectable. This allows you to do more aggressive maneuvers, and go faster overall.

On the H20, there are 3 different rates. One is low, with slow yaw and pitch that would be good for a beginner. The next is medium, which has just about the perfect yaw, and very good pitch in terms of the craft. Lastly is the high, or “crazy” rate, which is similar to the high rate on the Eachine H8 Mini (review). On the high rates, the hexacopter spins like a top and is very hard to control, and the pitch is so deep that even with good power it dips down under full throttle.

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Myself being an experienced pilot, I fly mostly in the mid rate, as it is very fast, yet precise, but when I want to show off to someone, I put it in high and let ‘er spin!

How to perform flips on the JJRC H20

The JJRC H20 hexacopter comes with a flip feature that is activated by clicking the right shoulder button, and then moving the right stick in the direction in which you want the hexacopter to flip.

It flips well due to the good power it has, and gives auto throttle before the flip, to help out with the recovery.

JJRC H20 Review: Flight Time/Battery

JJRC H20 (15)

As I mentioned earlier, the battery size is 150mAh, and is removable. One thing to note though, is that the H20 board, battery, and charger are all reversed polarity, so unless you switch the board and battery wires, using other batteries and chargers will ruin it!

I have just stuck with the one stock LiPo and charger it comes with. Flying with the prop guards, which is how it comes out of the box, will get you around 4:30 minutes of flight. Removing them (which I don’t recommend for beginners) will bump it up a little bit to about 5:00 minutes.

The included charger with the H20 is a little yellow USB cord, which if you have any other quads or hexacopters, you will most likely be familiar with. Charging takes about 35 minutes, but that could fluctuate a little depending if you are charging from a computer or wall adapter.

JJRC H20 Review: Transmitter

JJRC H20 (3)

The transmitter that the H20 comes with may look like a standard nano TX in pictures or perhaps even in videos. But if you are holding it you know it is not. It is the same style or design, but super sized (i.e., bigger than say, the Cheerson CX-10 controller). It’s still is a bit small, but fits in the hands well.

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It has 2 shoulder buttons, left for changing through the three rates, and right for performing flips. Both of the stick also click in, left for entering headless mode, and right for activating return to home. Pitch and roll trims are also there, which allow for stable hovering.

Calibrating the JJRC H20

To re-calibrate the on-board gyroscope, you move both sticks to the lower left position, and to re-calibrate headless mode you move both stick to the lower right position.

The range with no modifications is about 30 meters, which is decent for a nano. Overall I was pleased with the included transmitter for the price.

JJRC H20 Review: Gallery

JJRC H20 Review: Verdict

JJRC H20 (17)

One of the most important things when buying anything is the price of course. This little hexacopter does not disappoint coming in at under $20 US RTF (Don’t know what RTF is?) with free shipping to your door from most respectable online stores.

Overall I’m very impressed with this little nano hexacopter from JJRC. As I mentioned, the power is there, which makes it better than the X900 right off the bat, but also the differences in rates was great. This allows for slow, smooth flying… But also fast zipping around!

I feel like $19 is a great price for a hexacopter like the JJRC H20, and I highly recommend it to beginners and expert pilots, as it is simply a great first nano hexacopter!

  • Hi! I’m just new two drones and bought an H20. Could you tell me how the pitch and roll trims are done? BTW, in the copy of the instructions I received one paragraph isn’t even in the regular poor English, it’s in German! Thank you!

  • Another beginner question: I thought the “4 channel” claim meant communication could be in different channels for, say, 2 drones flying simultaneously. But I see no way to select channels.

    • In simple words, 4 channel for a multicopter would be: Yaw (rotation around its own axis), Throttle (altitude), Pitch (forward/backward) and Roll (sway left/right). In other words, four functions which are sent over different channels.

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  • RyanK

    Are two or more of these able to be flown at the same time near each other, or does it cause conflicting radio controller issues?

    • You should be able to do that. This and the Eachine 3D Mini use the same protocol and I’ve been able to control both using the same controller.

      Keep in mind it’s tougher than it looks 😉

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  • Rolf Black

    Hi, I just got an H20 and it’s kind of stuck in full throttle mode… When I connect the battery all rotors go full speed and I can’t connect to the remote. Any idea? Many thanks!

    • That sounds like a corrupt main controller board on the aircraft. You want to contact the after sales department of the store you bought it from!

    • Joyce Grieves

      If you turn the connector which plugs in to the battery on your copter your problem will disappear and instead of finger-cutting spinning rotors you will have illuminated leds. It’s not easy to see which way it should face, I had the same problem.

  • Kris Aldrin Dionisio

    Hi there, I currently have the Syma X11C in transit but I’m interested in getting this alongside it- while another Choice is the Cheerson CX-10 or Syma X12. Is this a good entry/beginner-level mutirotor? And what others do you recommend if possible?

    • You can’t go wrong with the CX-10. Another quadcopter you should consider is the Bayangtoys X6, which is essentially a CX-10 but better (in the sense that it has built-in prop guards and a better controller).

  • Максим Азаров
  • shaps86

    “As I mentioned earlier, the battery size is 150mAh, and is removable. One thing to note though, is that the H20 board, battery, and charger are all reversed polarity, so unless you switch the board and battery wires, using other batteries and chargers will ruin it!”

    I don’t get it, I got my drone today and I have ordered five more batteries (although haven’t got them yet) and I don’t want to kill my drone lol. Anyone care to explain?

    • You needn’t worry. ‘Reverse polarity’ is with respect to the polarity found on other quadcopters usually. Batteries you’ve ordered for the H20 will work with it out of the box.

      • shaps86

        Thank you for your response! 🙂

  • gatorman0073

    My H2O lost a propeller which I replaced with one of the spares that came with my purchase..but now it flies straight off to the right when I power it up..any suggestions?

  • gatorman0073

    come to find out the JJRC H2O propellers are in a set have to place them correctly on the quad or it will fly off straight sideways. The letters are on the props themselves.

    Here is the sequence:

    Top row two white : AB

    middle row : BA

    Bottom row: AB

    Hope this helps anyone else having this same issue. Simple fix.

    • I’m sure this will help fellow pilots. Thanks!

  • Amir P

    Hello everyone, I have just received my H20. It flew nicely for ceveral minutes but then – on the next flight – it keeps flipping, or rather turns on one side untill it flipps on the ground, and unable to hover at all. I can’t tell whether a button was pushed or something of that kind. Is there a remedy? Thanks!

    • That sounds like a prop installed on the wrong arm. Check the correct config (there are two types of props, (a) meant for clockwise-spinning motors and (b) meant for CCW-spinning motors.

      We have a comment here with the info.

    • Googleuser987654321 Bacon

      Same thing here sad