Syma makes some of the highest quality quadcopters, most of which are aimed at beginners and intermediate pilots. However, the recent X8 series has kind of taken off (no pun intended) among experienced pilots as well.

The reason why the X8 series is popular is because the quadcopters are ‘full sized’ as opposed to nano (such as the Syma X12), micro (Syma X11, X13) and mini quadcopters (such as the X5). Another thing the X8 series can do, which no other Syma drones could do prior to it, is carry action cameras such as GoPro and other GoPro alternatives.

Syma X8C 2

The Syma X8C

Realizing the potential, Syma quickly followed up the X8 with the X8C, X8W and finally the X8G. While the difference between the X8 and the X8C is only an added camera in the latter, there’s more than just once difference among the other models. What exactly? Lets find out!

Syma X8C vs X8W vs X8G: What’s different

Before proceeding with differentiating among the quadcopter drones, what you must know is that the motors, chassis and battery are same across the different versions. Also, all the four models come with headless mode (click here if you don’t know what it means).

As I said before, the Syma X8C (external link) is simply the camera-supported version of the X8C. The X8C has a 2 mega-pixel camera, which is non-standard and will work only with the X8C. The non-camera X8 has been discontinued by the factory if I’m not wrong.

Moving on to the Syma X8W (external link), this one comes with a 2 mega-pixel camera, but this camera is capable of streaming FPV (first person view) video to a smartphone/tablet. What you need to do is to download, and install the app onto your phone, and voilà! Your phone’s screen will show whatever’s in front of the 2 mega-pixel camera of the Syma X8W when in range.

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The Syma X8G (external link), on the other hand, is a full-blown aerial filming setup (very much on a budget). It comes with a GoPro-style action camera, which offers the best picture and video quality among the camera supported models of the Syma X8. The camera has an 8 mega-pixel sensor, which can record videos in high-definition, but again comes with a connector which ensures that it works only with the X8G and no other quadcopter drone.


The Syma X8G with its GoPro-like action camera

Syma X8C vs X8W vs X8G: Pricing

Moving on to the most important part — pricing. Fortunately, all models from the X8 series are fairly affordable, ranging from $109 up to $169.

Other stores that offer a competitive price can be checked here:

Syma X8C vs X8W vs X8G: Which version should I buy?

If you’re looking to get into aerial filming and photography without breaking your bank, the X8 is a good place to start. Now, depending on a few things, you can tell which Syma X8 version suits you the best.

Will it be your first quadcopter drone? If your answer to that was a ‘yes’, you should consider investing in something a lot less expensive. Click here to see the list of top 5 quadcopter drones with cameras, all of which cost under $50. Get a hang of it by flying it around for a couple of weeks, and then move on to the Syma X8 series.

It might not be a wise idea to make the Syma X8C your first quadcopter, but if that isn’t the case, you can easily decide which version you need

You have a budget of $100 AND more or less know how to fly a quadcopter drone. If that’s the case, you should go for the Syma X8C which is just around the $100 mark, shipped all over the world.

You have a budget of up to $200. You’re in a nice place, because a budget of around $200 will not only allow you to take home a Syma X8C but also a decent action camera (choose one from the top 5 here).

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You want FPV. In this case, you have two options. You could either (i) go for the Syma X8W and enjoy WiFi FPV, or (ii) install your own camera with FPV transmission. Option (ii) isn’t really recommended because it would mean that the quadcopter drone carries a lot more weight than it is designed to.

Syma X8C vs X8W vs X8G: Can I mount a GoPro (or similar)?

Yes, you can totally mount a GoPro or one of its many alternatives on the Syma X8. The quadcopter drone has powerful motors and blades which have large spans, thus allowing you to attach an action camera without problem.

Do note that you will have to provide all the attachments yourself, and a heavy camera will result in shorter flight times. While the Syma X8 models can take this without any problem, do remember to give the motors time to cool down after your flights.

Syma X8C vs X8W vs X8G: Verdict

So now you know how the three different models of the Syma X8 differ. Well done!

In my book, the Syma X8 series makes for a brilliant choice for intermediate pilots. Like I said earlier, it might not be a very good idea to make the X8 your first quadcopter; investing in something cheaper is a wise idea.

If you’ve flown the X8 and want something more powerful, a quadcopter drone such as the Cheerson CX-20 might be a very good idea, with its GPS and other high-end-ish features and pocket friendly price.

Let me know what you think about the Syma X8 series, and if you have any questions or doubts in general in the comments section below. Until next time, happy flying!

  • Brilliant article. Keep up the great work!

  • Ralph A

    Great article. I’m looking to buy a quadcopter so thank you for providing great information. Would you recommend that I purchase an X8C and attach my GoPro (with built-in wifi for FPV through GoPro app on my phone) rather than purchase the X8W or X8G? I’m guessing the wifi range and picture/video quality would be much better with the GoPro, I’m just concerned about weight. Thank you!

    • It isn’t going to be too far apart, unfortunately! To be honest, WiFi FPV is hardly any good. If you’re confident you want to go FPV, I’d recommend getting an FPV kit. If you already have an FPV-compatible camera (i.e., one that will output video) you only need a transmitter, receiver and a monitor — you get the gist.

      And thank you for your kind words 🙂

  • pelermon

    Before you write and review describing the DIFFERENCES of something. First find out what they are. You wrote ” The X8″C” has a 5 mega-pixel camera,” That is not correct, it comes with a crappy 2mp.

    • There are actually a couple different variants of the X8C, but yeah it does make sense to mention the lower-end one here (because of lack of clarity on the availability of the 5MP versions). Thanks for the (rather harsh) tip 😉

      • pelermon

        Sorry – I was confused as heck !
        I wish you were right.
        A 5mp on that “C” would be NICE.

  • New2Drones

    Thanks for all the info on this but I have a question. Will the FPV camera from the X8W work if fitted to an X8G. I have just bought an X8G and would like to be able to use it with a FPV camera as well. It would seem logical that its compatible but logic isn’t always to be trusted! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Even if it does (which I’m not sure about), I’d strongly recommend you to get something like an Eachine FPV kit (info here) which uses proper 5.8GHz FPV transmission (and not WiFi FPV, which in my opinion is one of the most useless features on a quadcopter drone).

  • mauro

    nice article, only one question: is the drone x8g compatible with the smartphone-tablet as the x8w?
    i’d like to have an immediate picture of what the drone is filming, and it seems not to have a video on the remote…
    thank you

  • Kyle K

    can the stock 1080p camera and case that comes on the X8G also be installed on the X8W?

  • Chris Bolendz

    Is there a reason why the file recording length of the x8g is limited to 5-minutes (1080p mode)? Also- sometimes it automatically starts recording a second file, and sometimes it doesn’t.

    • I believe 5 minutes is the farthest the sensor can go, i.e. it’s a limitation due to the sensor being fairly entry-level. Not sure about the second file, though.

    • pulidoggy

      Hi Chris,
      I know very little about the X8G camera, but the behaviour you’re reporting is typical of the “cyclic recording” function, where movies are saved as chunks of fixed length (except the last one whose duration is defined by the power-off event timing) providing automatic deletion of the older chunks and thus ensuring continued recording should the storage media become full.
      In this case you should notice a short lag between two consecutive chunks due to the time required by the file system for the save, close and open procedures
      I have a SJ4000 cam where the cyclic recording feature can be disabled, but as I get to know the X8G camera lacks of a fully configurable setup interface. Try all the menus and see if you can disable it.
      Best regards,

  • pulidoggy

    Hello again Yash,
    maybe it’s just my lack of experience, but I’m getting misled by reading the remote control modes 1-2 description found in Syma X8 series user manual

    It looks like either they’re using non-standard mode 1-2 definitions, or else there’s possibly some misprint?
    The commands described in section “MODE 1” of the Syma manual (left: throttle/yaw – right: roll/pitch) are those elsewhere known as “MODE 2” instead (judging from the vast majority of tutorials around), while the Syma “MODE 2” (left: throttle/roll – right: yaw/pitch) appears a weird mix-up of the two “official” modes.

    Now my doubt is: are modes 1 and 2 a standard (at least within the same family of devices, in this case quadcopters) or else every manufacturer is free to define his own standards?


    • Wow, that is a major goof-up on Syma’s part. As for modes 1 and 2 and whether the convention of them for right and left sticks respectively for throttle is concerned, I believe it’s something online stores came up with to avoid confusion which later turned into the standard. I could be wrong about that though. That said, MODE 2 = Throttle/yaw on the left. So yes, you probably should refer to another manual.

  • Chris Bolendz

    So – what happens with the drone if/when it flies outside of the “control” range of ~100meters? Does it continue its flight with the last flight inputs or does it go into a non-input/hover mode, etc? Thanks for any feedback !!

    • Level Minded

      It has no GPS so it falls to the ground until it gets a reception. It can survive a large fall though, believe me.

  • Mark Dale

    I totally agree with this post on several notes. I got a syma x5c for Christmas and hung it in a tree 2 days later. I got it down and lost it again, this time having to replace it. Before buying a Syma 8 series you need to learn to fly first. I have several friends that in frustration have not flown their coptors after trying them in home and crashing them. I will wait for them to offer to sell them soon. I have an X8g and will soon install a walkera G-2D gimbal, camera upgrade coming as well. This is a good coptor to modify only lacking a hover and a return home function, fpv can he added later. Overaĺl, for newbies, get a low cost coptor, not a mini, and go outside, crash it a few times and learn to fly before you get an X series Syma.

    • Sonny Pruiett

      Yeah I agree you should practice on something cheaper but I bought a small quadcopter from Wal-Mart for 69 dollars and then found the x8w on sale at Fry’s electronics for 79 and it is so stable that my 12 year old son could fly it with no problems right out of the box. I’m really impressed with it just wished it didn’t have a fixed camera looking at the phantom 3 with gimble camera cause the new 4 is a bit expensive. However for that price I am going back next week to buy 2 more of the x8w’s

    • vashon100 .


    • The X8C even has a brushless upgrade which keeps the original electronics so you can keep the transmitter, the camera controls and so on. And of course you get more lift.
      You may want to check our review for a few more goodies too here:

      • dan

        I would like to know more about the upgrade.
        Thanks Dan Shea

  • Pete Scoffield

    The Syma XWC is a brilliant option, mostly because it can be found at $99 right now on geekbuying.

  • Exol_Army_Sone

    I’m still surveying on which drone should I buy for the first time. After reading this post, probably I should X8C? But does X8C’s camera really bad? The reason I want to buy drone is bcs I want to capture beautiful pictures.

  • john may

    Why wouldn’t the much cheaper x8c be the best option? It’s $40-50 cheaper and if you trash it, that’s money in your pocket. Even though the camera may suck, doesn’t wifi on the w? Don’t most people trade up the camera on the g? That $50 will help buy a better camera on the c, provided it survives your learning curve before mounting one.

  • Alice Taylor

    Great review! Thanks for the info. I agree that the X8 series is really quite an improvement compared to X5 series. I personally plan on buying the X8G model, but I will include a gimbal and a XIaomi Yi cam, because, as you mentioned, the factory cam is good, but it doesn’t work on other drones. Also, I would have to add, after doing some additional research and finding this article ( ), not only that it doesn’t work on other drones, but it also doesn’t work without the drone! You cannot use it on its own… I consider this to be a major drawback…

  • Raheel

    In the light of fact, Syma 2015 Series is considered one of the best series. It can connect easily to iPhone or android device via wifi. Unquestionably, these were the best quadcopters of 2015. I have experienced Syma X9 Fly Car, it is able to fly, do flips and race on the ground same as a RC Car.

  • Nosič Reklamy

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  • Miz. Adri!

    Hello Drone fam.

    Im looking to buy a drone for my husband (not a first timer) as for me no knowledge of the product or features , so not sure whats considered to be good features/quality. so im asking for opinions or recommendations there is one feature that is IMPORTANT/MUST HAVE which allows you to video record and save recording .. so if i could get some help I would very very much appreciate it!!! Thank You!!

    • Skb

      Hubsan H502E That is a good one to start with. Or the Cheerson CX-20

  • Hi . because i’m new to drone. This article really make me clear so much. Thanks for the information
    By the way. I created a list that included 10 other kinds of trending drone. You might finh it interesting, welcome