Home Launch Mould King UFO 33041A quadcopter drone sells for a mere $20

Mould King UFO 33041A quadcopter drone sells for a mere $20


More and more quadcopter makers are starting to churn out some really cheap quadcopters. Eachine started it all with the H8 Mini (review) which goes for $14 apiece, many other makers (some interesting ones like JJRC have done hexacopters for under $20) have followed suit.

Mould King isn’t the prettiest name for a quadcopter drone manufacturing company, but when you get a mini quadcopter shipped to your doorstep for $20 you don’t really care about what its called. One of those things.

Mould King UFO 33041A 2

The Mould King UFO 33041A quadcopter is what I’m talking about. It’s listed for a mere $20 shipped, and you can go ahead and place an order right away.

Mould King UFO 33041A

It comes with a 380mAh battery, which according to the company takes 100 minutes to charge before offering flight times of about 6 minutes. The Mould King UFO 33041A also features headless mode (click here if you don’t know what it means), which should come in handy if you’re a newbie.

From the pictures, the Mould King UFO 33041A does look like quite a well made piece of kit (please note I haven’t had my hands on one yet). Anyway, if you’re interested you can follow this link to get the Mould King UFO 33041A shipped to you for $20.

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