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JJRC H18 Review: The nano hexacopter that packs a punch!


The little JJRC H18 is not the first nano hexacopter, however it is still one of the “first” in terms of the new design of hexs. It still impressed me how they can fit 6 motors into this small of a size.

JJRC H18 Review: Specifications


  • Model: JJRC H18
  • Size group: Micro/Nano
  • Camera: N/A
  • Battery: 180mAh
  • Charging times: ~35 minutes
  • Flight times: 5 minutes
  • Flips: Yes
  • Speed modes: One
  • Headless mode: Yes
  • One key return: No
  • In the box: JJRC H18 hexacopter, transmitter, USB Charging Cable, LiPo Battery, 6 x spare blades, user manual

JJRC H18 Review: What comes in the box?

The JJRC H18 comes fully RTF for $19 shipped (don’t know what RTF is? Click here to read more) and includes the hexacopter, a transmitter, 4 spare props, a USB charging cable, an internal battery, and a manual.

JJRC H18 Props

JJRC H18 Review: Design

The H18 is somewhat plain with it’s symmetrical design compared to something like the WL Toys Q272 or MJX X900 however I still do like the looks of it.

In other words, the JJRC H18 lacks the ‘arms’ that stand out. The H20, which came out a little after the H18, has arms that very prominently strike out from the rest of the body… which isn’t the case with the H18 as you can clearly see. Also, the design is very, very symmetrical (which can sometimes be a bane when you’re lost for orientation).

JJRC H18 Review: Flight Characteristics

The H18 only has one rate which is never very favorable however it is a happy medium I think. The yaw is somewhat complicated as it starts out at a normal decent speed, but after 2 seconds it will “rev up” and go to really fast making turns sort of hard. The pitch stays the same and it fairly deep allowing for some fast speed runs.

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It is fairly smooth if you go easy on the sticks, but can also be aggressive. It is not my favorite to fly but for under $20, you can’t really complain.


One thing that makes this different than other nano hexacopters is the prop size which gives it a ton of power. Since it is slightly larger than similar hexs, it can spin larger props which gives it more punch and speed than the others. This power does come at a cost though, as it is quite noisy.

JJRC H18 Review: Flight and Charge Times

The JJRC H18 takes about 35 minutes to charge from the stock charger, and you can expect about 5 minute flights.

JJRC H18 Charger

JJRC H18 Review: Transmitter

The remote that this comes with is a bit odd. It is small, but does fit “ok” in the hands. To trim the hex you use the top left and right shoulder buttons. They are not in a convenient place but once you wrap your head around it it is ok. To perform flips you have to click in the right stick, then move it in what direction you want to flip.

The left stick also clicks in which enters headless mode. (Don’t know what headless mode it? Click here to read more)


JJRC H18 Review: Conclusion

Overall the JJRC H18 does leave a little to be desired with only one rate and the single LED up front. The transmitter could also be better. That being said, I am not writing this one off just yet. It is probably the fastest and most powerful hexacopter I have, and is still a decent buy at $19 shipped.

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Feel free to watch my video review with flight footage from YouTube, or you could find it below:


This hexacopter was sent to me for free for an unbiased review by GearBest.com.