There’s no dearth of micro quadcopter drones these days. In fact, you can find one in almost any price range you can imagine, with some starting as low as $14 shipped globally.

That said, manufacturers are now moving to a new fad that has taken over the affordable quadcopter range — inverted flights. Again, there’s already tonnes of quadcopter drones that can do inverted flights, but there’s still some way to go before these aircraft perfect the art.

The Fayee / Feiyu FY801 is another one such quadcopter drone that does inverted flights, and doesn’t cost too much at $31 shipped (external link). What good is it? Lets find out in the Fayee FY801 review!

Fayee FY801 Review: Specifications

Feiyu/Fayee FY801

  • Model: Feiyu / Fayee FY801
  • Size group: Micro
  • Camera: N/A
  • Battery: 350mAh
  • Charging times: ~35 minutes
  • Flight times: 5 minutes
  • Flips: Yes
  • Speed modes: Three
  • Headless mode: Yes
  • One key return: No
  • In the box: Fayee FY801 hexacopter, transmitter, USB Charging Cable, LiPo Battery, 4 x spare blades, user manual

Fayee FY801 Review: Flight Characteristics

Fayee FY801_1

As you already know, the Fayee FY801 has a couple main flight modes — ‘regular’ and inverted. You’re probably reading this review because you’re interested in the inverted flights it does, but let’s quickly go through both modes.

Oh, and the FY801 also does headless flights.

Regular Flights

The FY801 controller allows you to switch between three flight modes, which I’m guessing correspond to 25%, 50% and 100% rates (basically, slow, medium and fast). Quadcopters that can do inverted flights require special blades (regular ones can’t do inverted flights), which means there’s a massive difference between say, how the FY801 and an Eachine H8 Mini would fly.

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What’s disheartening is that the FY801 is a poor flier when in regular mode. It’s really slow in responding to your controller input, which makes flying it inside the house virtually impossible… in any of the three rates.

But there’s good news, keep reading.

Inverted Flights

When you press the right shoulder button on the controller and then push the right stick in any direction, the Fayee FY801 will perform a half-flip for you… rendering it inverted mid-air. Now, if this is the first time you’re flying an inverted multicopter, take it from me you’re going to have a LOT of fun seeing the FY801 flip inverted.

Whats funny is that the FY801 flies a lot better in inverted mode than in normal mode. Perhaps the factory put too much emphasis on the inverted mode… who knows. Nonetheless, the inverted mode makes up for the slow regular mode, and is a lot of fun (and you can actually fly it indoors this way).

Fayee FY801 Review: Build Quality

Fayee FY801_4

Hands down, the FY801 is the best built micro quadcopter I’ve seen so far (and I’ve owned a few). The plastic quality of this one beats any micro Syma I’ve seen, including the Syma X11 (review) and the X13 (review).

The FY801 is also probably the heaviest micro quadcopter I’ve flown so far. I’ve crashed it a few times and it seems to hold up just fine, without showing any signs of what transpired.

Fayee FY801 Review: Controller

Just like the rest of the quadcopter, the controller that comes with the FY801 is really well put together. Size wise, it is somewhere between a full sized controller and a micro controller… and fits really well in the hands. It comes with sticks that are designed to be controlled by your thumbs, so pinchers will once again have problems getting used to it in the beginning (the top pads are removable, however).

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Fayee FY801 Review: Flight Times

The FY801 actually comes with a decently sized battery of 350mAh, while almost every other micro quadcopter has a 150-200mAh cell. However, due to the added weight of the higher-grade plastic body, the FY801 doesn’t return the flight times it should.

In general, you’ll get around 5 to 5:30 minutes of flight time with a full battery on the FY801 if the winds aren’t too strong outdoors. This includes general flipping around and such.

Fayee FY801 Review: Picture Gallery

Fayee FY801 Review: Flight Demo

Coming soon…

Fayee FY801 Review: Verdict

The Fayee FY801 is a surprisingly well made piece of kit for what it costs. A couple or so months back, all you got with $30 was something like a Syma X11, which is inferior in quality as well as features to the Fayee FY801.

Inverted flights are a lot of fun, and if you don’t own an inverted flying quadcopter, you totally should consider adding one to your collection. Since the FY801 is so well built, it makes for a very good contender.

Read Next

What I would’ve liked to see is a better ‘regular’ flight performance, and perhaps reduced weight (and therefore, longer flight times). Other than that, the FY801 is certainly something worth taking home, especially for what it costs!

You can buy a Fayee FY801 by following this link.

We’d like to thank Matthew from TinyDeal for arranging a Fayee FY801 sample for this review!

  • Simone Maisen

    I agree, this quad is one of the best well built and solid one, but it has a huge fault: it can’t invert when LVC starts and this happen in the middle of the flight (tested personally with the feedbacks of other owners) so not only the LVC is well too conservative, it doesn’t allow the inverted option after that so this limits this model so much. Another thing: this model doesn’t do flips, you have to do 2 consecutive invert actions.
    A real great mini quad with all features is the H8 3D mini, that quad in the shell of the FY801 and then you will have the best mini quad ever!!!

    • Spot on. I guess the FY801 (and other inverted flying quads) use the same mechanism to invert as they use for flips, which is why the board doesn’t allow it after LVC.

      And you’re totally right about the H8 3D mini too. I LOVE that one (review coming today or tomorrow), it’s just that it seems a little fragile.