Eachine is a relatively new quadcopter drone brand that has come up. If you’ve followed their progress lately, you’ll be aware that the Eachine brand focuses on bringing tech at very affordable prices. For instance, the Eachine H8 Mini is still the world’s cheapest quadcopter drone (you can read my review of it here) at just $14 with free global shipping.

More recently, Eachine updated the H8 Mini to with inverted flying capabilities. The quadcopter is now known as the Eachine H8 3D Mini (‘3D’ is a term Chinese companies use to denote inverted flying capabilities), and it’s still really affordable at $22 shipped globally (external link).

Eachine H8 3D Mini Review: Specifications

Eachine H8 3D Mini

  • Model: Feiyu / Fayee FY801
  • Size group: Micro
  • Camera: N/A
  • Battery: 220mAh
  • Charging times: ~35 minutes
  • Flight times: 5 minutes
  • Flips: No (inverted flights instead)
  • Speed modes: Three
  • Headless mode: Yes
  • One key return: Yes
  • In the box: Eachine H8 3D Mini quadcopter, transmitter, USB Charging Cable, LiPo Battery, 2 x spare blades, user manual, screwdriver

Eachine H8 3D Mini Review: Flight Characteristics

Eachine H8 3D Mini 12

As you’ve read in the title of this review, the Eachine H8 3D Mini is easily my most favourite inverted flying quadcopter. Why? Because besides flying well when its inverted, the H8 3D Mini also handles non-inverted flights well.

If you’ve read my previous reviews of inverted flying quadcopter drones, you’ll have noticed that I’ve complained about poor non-inverted flight performance each time. In other words, most other drones that do inverted flights only seem to concentrate on inverted flights.

The Eachine H8 3D Mini is a fast, agile quadcopter drone (moreover, it’s lightweight) that has no qualms in zipping around the place, inverted or not.

The H8 3D Mini flies much better than the Fayee FY801 that I reviewed recently… by a long shot. Since the FY801 has a larger battery than the H8 3D Mini, I like to use it with the H8 3D Mini and get almost double the flight times!

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Eachine H8 3D Mini Review: Build Quality

Eachine H8 3D Mini 9

While the H8 3D Mini is super fun to fly around, it does appear to be a little fragile. It isn’t the best made micro quadcopter I’ve flown, but if you have an experience flying quadcopter drones that’s worth anything over a week, the H8 3D Mini will hold up just fine. If you’re looking for a first quadcopter drone, the Cheerson CX-10 can be a good choice (review)

Eachine H8 3D Mini 5What is good though is that the prop guards are slightly flexible, so I’m pretty sure they won’t break off anytime soon. The quadcopter itself is very lightweight, which is something that adds to the agility of the aircraft.

The battery bay is bigger than it should’ve been; Eachine, to counter that, stick a bit of foam on one side of the battery so it fits alright (refer to image on the right).

Eachine H8 3D Mini Review: Controller

Eachine H8 3D Mini 13

The controller that ships with the Eachine H8 3D Mini is a standard micro controller. In fact, the controller uses the same chassis as that of the JJRC H20 nano hexacopter… and guess what, both the aircraft even use the same protocol.

(For fun’s sake, I tried controlling both, the Eachine H8 3D Mini and the JJRC H20 hexacopter with one controller… and voila, it worked!)

Eachine H8 3D Mini Review: Flight Times

This is where it gets a little tricky. Not because Eachine ship the H8 3D Mini with a smaller than standard battery, but because the H8 3D Mini is so much fun to fly you always end up wanting more!

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The battery that ships with the quadcopter drone is 220mAh in capacity, which although is standard for mini quadcopters, it won’t satiate your thirst to keep flying the mini aircraft. It’ll give somewhere around 5 to 5.5 minutes of flight on a full charge.

To fix that, you can either get extra batteries, or purchase a larger battery that Banggood themselves offer. Since I had the 350mAh battery of the Fayee FY801, I didn’t need to get more… but I’m guessing you don’t own an FY801 (it isn’t all that popular).

With the 350mAh battery, you can get close to 10 minutes of flight fun. It’ll of course cause the motors to heat up too… but in my opinion it is worth the little damage.

The ‘upgraded’ 260mAh batteries can be had for $3.95 apiece or $15.5 for a pack of 5 (recommended).

Eachine H8 3D Mini Review: Gallery

Eachine H8 3D Mini Review: Verdict

Eachine H8 3D Mini 8

The Eachine H8 3D Mini is a super affordable, super fun quadcopter drone. I really have no issues with this one, considering what it costs. The H8 3D Mini is certainly a better option than the FY801 or any other inverted flying quadcopter of the past, simply because it flies so well, and is fairly popular also, so there should be community support (somewhat).

The only one thing I would’ve changed if I could (and I probably can) are the LEDs. The H8 3D Mini comes only in black (with either green or blue stripes), and the LEDs are kind of weak which makes it a no-show for a night flier.

You can get the Eachine H8 3D Mini from

  • Socrates

    Good review. For those who are Mode 1 flyers, you should be aware that the so-called “Mode 1” transmitter supplied when you buy it from Banggood is not Mode 1 at all. Mode 1 has rudder (yaw) on the left stick, and aileron (roll) on the right stick. This Tx has those reversed. If you’re used to flying quads in Mode 1, it’s as though you were trying to drive a car in which the accelerator and brake pedals were reversed.

    This mode is apparently called Mode 3 but I have never heard of anybody using it.

    Incidentally, the Mode 1 version of the similar Eachine H8 Mini has exactly the same problem.

  • TheDrone Guyz

    Lots of great features in a little package. Good bang for your buck with the Eachine.