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Floureon H101: Hands on and first flight


There’s a war going on right now that you might not be aware of. It’s happening all around the world, but mostly in China — around the city of Shenzhen.

Before you brace yourselves for apocalypse, let me tell you it’s the war for the cheapest drones is what I’m talking about.

Eachine, JJRC, Cheerson have all done it, i.e., have had the crown of making the cheapest drone at one point or another. Things are starting to diversify now, however. There’s (i) the cheapest drone, (ii) cheapest FPV drone, (iii) cheapest GPS drone, and so on.

Today what I have my hands on is the cheapest inverted flying drone — the Foureon H101. Heck, it’s cheaper than the Eachine H8 3D Mini (read review here)!

The Floureon H101 goes for a mere $15.99 (and that includes worldwide shipping costs!), and yet is something I wouldn’t call poor quality. Hard to believe, but I’m simply stating the facts.

I received the quadcopter yesterday, but couldn’t take it out for a flight until today evening. And boy, does the H101 impress! It’s like the Eachine H8 3D Mini while flying, just better built — and cheaper!

Floureon H101 Photo Gallery

The battery at 150mAh is fairly teeny, so I swapped it for the 220mAh one of the H8 3D Mini. The Floureon H101 is made out of high grade plastic which is hard and bendy where it should be.┬áThe H101 is also the first quadcopter drone I’ve seen that can do flips in inverted as well as non-inverted modes. It’s a hell lot of fun!

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The controller can be a little tricky however. There’s a total of 10 buttons besides the joysticks which can confuse you if you own a lot of quadcopters. However, once you do get the hang of it things start becoming easier.

(Pro tip: if you own many quadcopters, it might be a good idea to stick a little ‘button map’ sticker on each of them so you don’t have to try each one out to know what it does!)

The controller takes 3x AAA batteries. Funnily enough, mine shipped without a rear cover for the battery bay (but I’m sure I just got unlucky).

A full review of the quadcopter should be out in the coming days. Meanwhile, feel free to ask any questions you have about the Floureon H101!

  • testthis

    Just got mine today that I won from RC Drone Arena, it’s a heck of a lot of fun, the buttons aren’t a big deal when you consider all the right buttons are the ones for trimming the controls, it’s not hard to figure out, good to know I can use a bigger battery, although for me it does fly for at least 6-7 mins on that 150 Lipo. I have not taken it outside yet, way to windy, but I’m sure it will perform nicely, it’s actually my first quad that doesn’t have a camera, It reminds me sort of a blade nano q, the H101 is no nano that’s for sure, it’s size is closer to micro like a Hubsan X4 107, I might add while not as fast as my X4 with it’s 500 Lipo, it sure does have zip for that little battery!

  • Ionut Stanciu

    Do you know what is scheme for propellers( A1,a2,b1,b2,…??