The Kai Deng KD K60 X-Fighter is a good looking camera quadcopter that comes in at just $43.99. The curved design of the arms is somewhat new and it gives it a unique look. Keep reading to learn more about this cool looking quadcopter!

Kai Deng KD K60 X-Fighter Review: Specifications

Kai Deng KD K60 X-Fighter

  • Model: Kai Deng KD K60 X-Fighter
  • Size group: Mini
  • Camera: 2 mega-pixel
  • Battery: 700mAh
  • Charging times: ~60 minutes
  • Flight times: 4 minutes (with gear), 7 minutes (without gear)
  • Flips: Yes
  • Speed modes: Three
  • One key return: Yes
  • In the box: KD60 X-Figher quadcopter, transmitter, USB Charging Cable, LiPo Battery, 4 x spare blades, landing skids, camera, card reader, 2GB microSD card, user manual and screw driver

Kai Deng KD K60 X-Fighter Review: In the box

This quadcopter comes fully RTF (Don’t know what RTF is? Click here to find out). It comes in a large box with the quadcopter, remote, prop guards, spare propellers, landing gear, instruction manual, battery, USB charging cable, screw driver, camera, USB card reader, and a 2GB microSD card. It is fully ready to go once you charge the flight battery and pop in 4 AA batteries in the transmitter.


K60 Props

Kai Deng KD K60 X-Fighter Review: Flight Characteristics

In the air, when loaded down with all of the accessories, you can feel the weight of it. It is very sluggish on throttle response due to the heavy load and the geared props with small motors. Once the gear is removed though is has quite a bit more response.

The quadcopter has three rates, low, medium, and high. As you go up in the rates the pitch gets deeper. The yaw stays constant and is a tad slow, however not too bad. In high the pitch is pretty good, and will get it moving. It is not a speed demon, but is fast enough to be fun. It is light compared to much larger models, so it does get knocked around by high winds, however due to the design of a quadcopter (and deep pitch in high), it can handle a good bit of wind.

Flips are ok, not perfect. They work better with less of the accessories on, just make sure to have a bit of height before trying them.

K60 Bottom


I am not sure what size motors this quadcopter uses, maybe 7mm or 8mm, but it does not have the “punch” other quadcopters have. With the stock battery, even with everything removed, it is not very responsive on throttle. I would say to try to just use the camera and no landing gear or prop guards as it really does not like the weight. I notice a HUGE difference between bare and loaded down in power and flight times.

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The X-Fighter comes equipped with a rather nice set of lights. It has blue in the front and red in the back.  They are in panels on the arms, and due to the white plastic, light up practically the entire thing at night! There is also a very bright blue headlight in the front to help with orientation. This makes it a great night flier that is very visible in the dark.

Screenshot (96)

Kai Deng KD K60 X-Fighter Review: Flight Times

The KD K60 comes with a 3.7V 1-cell 500mAh 25C battery. It takes about 1 hour to charge and the quadcopter in it’s lightest form (props guards, landing gear, and camera removed), gets around 7 minutes and 30 seconds of flight time. In it’s heaviest form (guards, camera, and landing gear on) it gets about 4 minutes of flight time.

I would say to not even use the prop guards as it flies pretty well with nothing and for a good amount of time, but once weight it added very slow an short, so try to only use as few things as possible.

K60 Battery

Kai Deng KD K60 X-Fighter Review: Transmitter 

The transmitter that comes with the quadcopter is decent. The top antenna is fake, however I have not had any serious range issues and have not lost connection yet (I do not fly terribly far away though). The sticks are ok (I am missing my right one in the picture). The right one is normal, however the left one has a ratchet on it which I do not care for.

On the top right corner (i.e., on the shoulder) there is a button for rates, it has low, medium, and high. Next to it is the “flip key” which once pressed and a direction is given, will cause the quadcopter to perform a full flip. On the top left there is headless mode and one key return… however I have not used these features as they are pointless on a quadcopter like this where they get off very quickly.

There are 3 trims: rudder, aileron, and elevator. The trims next to the throttle stick are used to control the angle of the camera. Next to the LCD screen is a button to turn ON/OFF the lights, take a picture, and START/STOP recording video from the camera. The slider on the right side of the screen is fake. Overall not a bad TX, but could have been better.

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K60 TXKai Deng KD K60 X-Fighter Review: Camera

The Kai Deng KD K60 comes with a 2 mega-pixel 720p HD camera. It is not the best quality of a cheap quadcopter camera I have seen, however it is not all that bad for the price. It does record audio, however it is just terrible wind noise when flying. Something that makes this camera different than others is it’s ability to move up or down from the transmitter (basically, control the angle while on the move) by having a small motor inside.

K60 Camera

Unfortunately this feature did not work for me, but I have seen it work on others, so mine must be defective. Having this extra system adds a bit more weight so it is a heavy camera compared to some others.

The bag that the camera comes in also includes a 2GB microSD card, which will provide plenty of space for recording this lower quality video, and a USB card reader which allow you to view the videos and pictures on a computer.

Kai Deng KD K60 X-Fighter Review: Verdict

K60 _1

Overall for $43.99 this quadcopter is not a bad deal. I would prefer to see a no camera version as some people do not want to spend extra for one. The footage is nothing professional, but you can see what is going on. I was not too happy with how slow it ascended with everything on, but with just the camera or nothing on it is much better. The transmitter leaves some to be desired with the ratcheted throttle mainly, but again, not bad.

It could certainly be a quadcopter to learn to fly on though, as the low rates pitch and yaw is very tame. Also the slower throttle response would be good for a beginner. If you are looking for a quadcopter that will produce amateur video, and flies decently, this is a good one that does sure look nice.

Feel free to watch my review I have done on YouTube, going over the features and including flight footage.

This quadcopter was sent to me for free from for an unbiased review.