While RC Drone Arena serves thousands of readers each day, it’s the ones that are just starting out with the quadcopter drone hobby that constitute for the most. But if you’re one of those readers just starting out (which most likely you are), there’s a problem, a problem of too many.

What I’m talking about is the stores that you have to choose from. There are tonnes of these, and new ones come up every other day, which makes it all the more harder too pick one.

I’ve spent a few years dealing with the stores and the people behind them, and I think I’m now in a position to list a select few that you can trust, and that have been around for a while. The stores listed below are the ones I’ve personally deal with, and can vouch for, for the most part.

Please note that this list is in no particular order, and is not influenced by anything other than my experience with the stores (unless mentioned otherwise).

So here are the top 5 stores to buy drones and related accessories from… lets get started!

 Before we begin… 

Amazon-logoIf you’re from the US, you’re going to have a lot of options. The shops mentioned below will offer the best priced undoubtedly, but that will also result in longer shipping durations (around one month for free shipping.

If you don’t mind paying a small amount extra, then nothing beats the ease of shopping that provides. If shopping for drones on Amazon is what you’re looking for, do visit the list of the top 10 drones under $100 available on Amazon.



Banggood is a popular reseller with over 1,000 staff. Banggood has been around for much longer (over nine years, as of November 2015) than other stores, and probably has the widest number of categories to choose products from.

From Banggood’s about page:



As the name will suggest to you, specialises in products that mostly the geeks will be interested in. But drones are too large a market to be ignored by any store, and thus, also offers a wide choice of drones besides the usual geeky stuff.

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From GeekBuying’s about page:



Another reseller with a wide offering of products is Tmart offers worldwide free shipping on all its products. What’s special about Tmart is that it will usually offer shipment from the USA warehouse for most of its products (you can choose between China and USA warehouses), which makes it a convenient option for buyers from the US.

From Tmart’s about page:




TinyDeal is another store that has been around for a long time. As the name suggests, TinyDeal expertise in retail and offer a wide range of products with focus on electronics, and now, quadcopters and drones. TinyDeal also accepts PayPal, which is an added layer of security for buyers.

From TinyDeal’s about page: (Sponsored Entry)

TomTop started their journey at marketplaces such as AliExpress, AliBaba, etc. After having made it big there, started their own web-store which is going from strength to strength.

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Like other sellers in this category, TomTop offer a wide variety of products, from electronics to music equipment, and of course, RC equipment.

From TomTop’s about page:


logo_55f6ab96b63fc isn’t the oldest name in the export industry, but has made a name for itself in no time whatsoever. GearBest offers a wide range of products, from clothing and apparel to phones and — you guessed it — quadcopter drones, etc.

People seem to have mixed reviews about this store, however. So if the deal you find here isn’t the best on the internet, I’d recommend you go with Banggood/Geekbuying/Tmart/Tinydeal.

From GearBest’s about page:

There’s also a how to buy video the company has made for easy reference, as below.


Top 5 stores to buy drones: Conclusion

These are, of course, just the top 5 stores out of the tens I’ve tried myself. There are others as well — such as,, and of course, marketplaces such as — but these haven’t been included here because (i) the one’s listed above are more popular among hobbyist circuits, and (ii) I could only list five stores in a top 5 post!

If you have any experience with the stores listed above or ones not listed here, feel free to comment below and help the community.

Happy flying!