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DM003 quadcopter drone is a knocked down DM007


DM003 5The DM007 came out of nowhere to become an extremely popular quadcopter drone. The reason — it was cheap, it looked good and it had a camera on it. That’s all newbies asked for, and that’s what the DM007 provided.

The new DM003 is a visually identical looking cousin of the DM007. But as you would guess, the DM003 is a much smaller quadcopter drone than the DM007. What’s interesting about this new quadcopter drone is that it comes with two different controller options simply titled ‘small’ and ‘big’, with the latter being $2 costlier.

DM003 Picture Gallery

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  • Model: DM003 Mini quadcopter
  • Size group: Micro
  • Battery: 300mAh
  • Camera: N/A
  • Headless mode: Yes
  • Other: One Key Return
  • Price: $17.99 (small controller) / $18.99 (big controller)

The DM003 is a micro quadcopter, as its picture with the Cheerson CX-10 (review) will suggest. The DM007 was something between a micro and mini quadcopter, but certainly smaller than other minis such as the Syma X5C.

The small controller will give you a control range of 30-50m, whereas with the large one you’ll be able to control your DM003 quadcopter in a radius up to 50-100m.

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  • Became available today on Banggood, I got the large controller version and used the code 8rchobby to get it for $18 😛

    • If it is anything close to what it looks like (which is pretty cool) $18 isn’t a bad deal at all!

  • Shamz

    Perfect beginner quad. Cheap, silent, comes with propeller guards (unlike the Hubsan X4 where you have to buy a guard) and it’s really smooth to control.