Drones drones drones. Drones are everywhere! While some cost north of $10,000, others sell for as low as $5. In any case, its a LOT of fun to have one for yourself. The degrees of freedom you experience while flying a drone will give you a thrill that’s unparalleled. Delving deep into the hobby, you’ll soon find yourself building your own drone on your bench.

Before that, like anything else in life, it’s always a good idea to start slow. In this case, ‘slow’ necessarily doesn’t have to do with speed, but with the price of your first few drones. You can find out a few buying guides here, but today i’ll be talking about the top 10 drones under $30 that you can fly indoors this festive season.

So let’s get on with it! Keep in mind though that the list is in no particular order.

Top 10 Drones Under $30 To Fly Indoors

1. Floureon FX-10 / Cheerson CX-Stars / DHD Drone D1

DHD Drone D1This single drone is so popular it is sold under three different names. The Floureon FX-10, the Cheerson CX-Stars and the DHD Drone D1 are essentially the same thing, but in different packages.

Also, some trivia: this drone is also the world’s tiniest drone in commercial production (as of going to press)! Now, that is some feat.

DHD Drone D1: Check Today’s Price

Here’s my review of the Floureon FX-10/CX-Stars/DHD Drone D1. This one’s actually really affordable even for beginners, selling for well under $20 with worldwide shipping!

2. Eachine H8 Mini / JJRC H8 Mini

Eachine H8 Mini RC Drone Arena (2)Both these quadcopter drones are again, the same thing in reality but with different names.

The Eachine H8 Mini (review here) is still known as the world’s cheapest quadcopter drone, shipping anywhere in the world for $14 (and that isn’t just the shipping cost, it includes the quadcopter too!). As you’ll have read in my review of the Eachine H8 Mini, it’s a hell lot of fun.

Eachine H8 Mini: Check Today’s Price

The factory consequently released a ‘3D’ version of the H8 Mini, i.e., a quadcopter that can also fly inverted in the Eachine H8 3D Mini (review here).

3. Cheerson CX-10

CX-10No quadcopter buying list is complete without the Cheerson CX-10 featuring on it. Period.

The CX-10 (review here) launched in early 2014, and was for a long, long time regarded as the world’s smallest quadcopter before the Floureon FX-10 (#1 in this list, look up) took over the reigns.

If you don’t care whether your quadcopter is the smallest or the second smallest, the Cheerson CX-10 is must buy. I own three of these (besides scores of other quadcopters), but nothing really comes close to providing the indoor fun that the CX-10 provides.

4. Floureon H101

Floureon H101 3Inverted flying drones have been a bit of a fad amongst manufacturers and buyers alike. Needless to say, that is because seeing your drone fly inverted is indeed quite amusing… which makes it imperative to have an inverted flying drone in your collection.

The Floureon H101 (first flight impressions) is known as the cheapest inverted flying drone. That said, the H101 is surprisingly high quality for what it costs, and is something I’d recommend to my people.

Floureon H101: Check Today’s Price

It’s very similar in characteristics to the Eachine H8 3D Mini (review), but is still the only quadcopter drone I’ve come across that can perform flips even in inverted mode.

5. JJRC H20

JJRC H20 (29)The JJRC H20 (review here) is one of the first hexacopters to have graced the multirotor market. It is also one of the two hexacopters that feature in this list.

Despite being a bit of a new technology, the JJRC H20 flies really well and stable. There’s no difference between how you control a hexacopter and a quadcopter, the extra two rotors are essentially present to give it extra stability.

JJRC H20: Check Today’s Price

At under $20 shipped to your doorstep, the JJRC H20 is the perfect beginners’ hexacopter!

6. DM003 Drone

DM003 5If you’ve been doing your research lately, you’ll know that the DM007 quadcopter was the pioneer ‘budget camera drone’ back in the day. The factory has since announced the DM003, which has a design identical to that of the DM007 but is smaller.

DM003 Drone: Check Today’s Price

The DM003 maintains the ‘spy’ look of the DM007, and is extremely affordable at under $20 shipped. It comes in two versions, where the controller is the differentiator; but thankfully, either of these versions ship to you for under $20.

7. Syma X11 / Syma X13

X11_white_home-500x500The Syma X11 and X13 are two close siblings. While the X11 (review here) is better suited for beginners, the X13 (review here) is the perfect second quadcopter.

Coming from Syma facilities, both quadcopters offer a great build and resistance to crashes and the likes. The best part — you can control the X13 using the X11’s controller. So if you do ever decide to upgrade to the X13 from the X11, keep that in mind!

Both, the Syma X11 and the Syma X13 ship for under $30.

8. Cheerson CX-10C

Cheerson CX-10C 2In a nutshell, the Cheerson CX-10C is the camera-supported version of the Cheerson CX-10. What this means is that the CX-10C is also the world’s smallest commercial camera drone ever built!

Also, as you will have read from my review of the CX-10C, it is a lot of fun and a great stepping stone for budding quadcopter pilots.

Cheerson CX-10C: Check Today’s Price

At around $27 shipped worldwide, the Cheerson CX-10C is far from a bad deal.

9. Eachine H8C Mini

Eachine H8C Mini3_resultSay hello to another Eachine! These guys are fast turning into THE brand to look for entry-level drones.

The Eachine H8C Mini is another inexpensive drone, but as the ‘C’ in the name would suggest, it comes with a camera. It’s cheaper than the Cheerson CX-10C, but at the same time a little bigger.

Eachine H8C Mini: Check Today’s Price

The plus however is that you get a 2 mega-pixel camera on the H8C Mini as opposed to a VGA sensor that you get on the Cheerson CX-10C.

10. WLtoys Q272

WLtoys Q272 1_result-2The WLtoys Q272 is one pretty hexacopter drone which is surprisingly not as popular as it should be. Again a very affordable flier, the WLtoys Q272 features on every newbie’s to-buy list.

It looks a little different from the other hexacopter on this list, the JJRC H20 but there isn’t much of a difference in how these two fly.

WLtoys Q272: Check Today’s Price

Top 10 Drones Under $30: Conclusion

So these were the top 10 drones under $30 hand-picked from a list of thousands. I’ve also clearly mentioned which ones are the most beginner friendly, which ones have cameras on them, etc., so it should be a good enough resource for most beginners.

I always feel that regardless of however passionate you think you are about the quadcopter drone hobby, you should start slow and cheap… for you never know when the interest will plummet. Which is also why I make these lists!

If you have any experience with the above mentioned drones, be sure to leave a comment down below for your fellow drone newbies.

Till the next time, happy flying!

  • Brett Goldring

    I’ve got the Cheerson cx10 and the syma x11c. The cx10 is our go-to for flying around the house for 5 minutes fun. Wife loves it, I love it. I highly recommend anyone to get a cx10 or rebranded version. (eachine a10 is a bang good version that already includes blade protectors)

    • Yes, the Eachine and the Bayantoys X6 are two rebrands of the CX-10 that seem to be better than the original thing 🙂

  • TwG Fish

    Get a Syma X5C Or X8C they are cheap and semi~high quality.
    The only problem is the “HD” 2MP camera.