The JJRC H98 is a new camera quadcopter on the market that costs only $28. Lets take a quick look to see what you get for your money in this unboxing!

JJRC H98 Unboxing: What all is in the box?

This quadcopter comes fully RTF (don’t know what RTF is? Read more here). It comes with the quadcopter itself, remote, battery, camera, USB card reader, 6 landing legs, instruction manual, screw driver, 2Gb micro SD card, prop guards, and a USB charging cable. All you need to get it flying is to put 4AA batteries in the remote, and charge the battery.


JJRC H98 Unboxing: Battery and Charger

The included battery is a 3.7V 1S 400mAh LiPo battery. This seems a little small for a quad of this size, however it has very large props and smooth gears, so it should favor efficiency over power. The battery ends in the standard micro Losi connector. The USB charging cable is also standard for RTF quadcopters.


JJRC H98 Unboxing: Camera

The H98 is equipped with an 0.3 mega-pixel camera, so it is not as high of quality as similar 2 mega-pixel quadcopter cameras, but I will be testing out its quality soon. The camera lens is also adjustable which is nice. The included 2GB microSD card should allow for plenty of storage, as the files will not be too large. The USB card reader will allow you to view and playback the videos and pictures on a computer.


JJRC H98 Unboxing: Remote

The JJRC H98 also comes with a fairly decent transmitter. It has headless mode (worthless in my opinion, but if you still want to know what it does, head here), flips, and camera function. I have not been able to figure out how to change rates yet, however. It feels ok, not great, but pretty good for the total price of everything only being $28.

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JJRC H98 Unboxing: Extras

The quad also comes with a set of prop guards (probably won’t be too effective), screw driver to attach them, and 6 landing legs, 2 as spares to give it height for the camera or for grass landings.


JJRC H98 Unboxing: Gallery

JJRC H98 Unboxing: Video

I have also done a video unboxing for the JJRC H98, feel free to watch it below.

JJRC H98 Unboxing: Conclusion

All in all, this looks like a pretty good deal for just $28. I have not been able to completely test it yet, so I can not say it is a good product yet. However they put a lot of features and items in this package for a very low price. You can get one from from the sponsors ( who sent it to me by following this link.

Stay tuned for the review, and be sure to check out other quadcopter reviews on RC Drone Arena meanwhile!