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Parrot Bebop 2 drone announced


Parrot has announced the second installation of its hugely popular consumer drone, the Parrot Bebop 2.


If you’ve ever piloted a Parrot Bebop, you’ll know it can be controlled with a smartphone besides a standalone controller for the drone, the Skycontroller. The Bebop 2 will continue to be compatible with both these devices — any smartphone and the Skycontroller, but there is another Skycontroller that Parrot has announced especially for the drone-featured-Image-1024x768Bebop 2. It’s called the Skycontroller Black Edition.

The Bebop 2 features a 14 mega-pixel wide-angle camera on the front, along with a stabilisation camera tilted a bit towards the ground so the drone can see what’s happening. The Bebop 2 comes with some sophisticated tech besides just the stabilisation camera; there’s an ultrasound sensor, pressure sensor, magnetometer and a Global Navigation Satellite System embedded on the chip controlling the Bebop 2 drone to ensure it doesn’t fly away from you, all while maintaining a steady flight.

Parrot have also managed to double the flight time on a single battery charge, which is something given that the new version will all the improvements is only $50 more than the original Bebop.

It’ll retail for $549 for the stock, Skycontroller-less version. To get the Bebop 2 with a Skycontroller Black Edition, you’ll have to shell out $799, which doesn’t seem like all that bad a price to pay for a piece of kit as sophisticated as the Bebop 2.

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