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YiZhan i6s, yet another nano hexacopter with camera


It’s only been a few days since JJRC announced the H20C, i.e., a camera supported version of the H20 hexacopter. However, there’s already another camera nano hexacopter on the block — the YiZhan i6s.


I’m not sure if the model name ‘i6s’ has anything to do with the new iPhone 6s, but you can’t really blame Chinese companies for getting ‘inspired’ by Apple anymore, can you? 😉

Coming back to the Yizhan i6s, this hexacopter drone looks pretty darn cool for how much it costs… and I’m not just talking about the aircraft itself, but also the controller that’s bundled with it!

The i6s hexacopter drone features one key return, but it looks like there’s no headless mode on this one which is a bit of a disappointment.

  • 262737YZi6S3_resultModel: Yizhan i6s
  • Size group: Micro/nano
  • Battery: 450mAh
  • Camera: 2 mega-pixel
  • Headless mode: No
  • Price at launch: $36

The camera it bundles is a 2 mega-pixel sensor, exactly the same resolution as the JJRC H20C. The Yizhan i6s comes in Black and White, and features a 450mAh battery which does sound fairly impressive from a nano/micro hexacopter.

You can get one by following this link.

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