2015 is coming to an end. I took the opportunity to talk to my contacts at some popular web stores to check what drones sold the most this year. The stores have been cooperative enough to enlist the top quadcopter drones for us!

In this series — Best of 2015 — you’ll see three lists with the bestselling quadcopter drones; (i) under $50; (ii) under $100 and (iii) under $150.

Let’s start off with the most popular category: the best drones under $50!

What’s more, each of the quadcopter drones mentioned here are beginner-friendly, yet have enough in them to keep intermediates engaged. So if you’re looking for your first/second quadcopter drone, you should probably bookmark this article. 😉

So let’s get at it.

Best Drones Under $50

#10 Zhicheng Z1: ~$29

Best Drones Under $50

You probably haven’t heard of the Zhicheng Z1 before, but this one’s a mighty addition to this list. What makes the Zhicheng Z1 special is its size; it is probably the largest quadcopter drone available under $30… and guess what, it also comes with a 2 mega-pixel camera!

#9 Floureon H101: ~$13

Best Drones Under $50

This one is by far my most favourite cheap quadcopter. It’s really cheap, shipping worldwide for under $15; what’s more, it is also among the few quadcopter drones to have inverted flight support PLUS ability to flip inverted!

#8 Cheerson CX-10A: ~$15

Cheerson CX-10A (1)_result-1

You probably don’t need introduction to this one. The Cheerson CX-10A is cult. The CX-10A is the headless mode version of the classic CX-10; it retails the same shape and size, but offers a much better flying experience (especially if you’re just starting off!).

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#7 JJRC H8: ~$13

Eachine H8 Mini (6)

Another classic. Back when it had just come out, the JJRC H8 was the world’s cheapest drone ever made (it shipped for $14 then). It’s slightly more cheaper now, but it remains as good!

#6 Xinlin X165: ~$14

Best Drones Under $50

Nano and micro quadcopters started getting monotonous during mid-2015… which prompted the factories to come out with a rather radical design. The Xinlin X165, with its Walkera Scout-like appearance has won hearts for being a decent flier while remaining supremely cheap!

#5 SJ X300-2: ~$30

Best Drones Under $50

Another quadcopter drone you might not have heard of, the SJ X300-2 is a fast, manoeuvrable drone with a futuristic design… and more importantly, a price tag that’s attractive too. Also, don’t miss out on the LED status symbols on the controller of this one!

That isn’t all, the SJ X300-2CW also comes with a camera AND realtime WiFi FPV transmission so you can see the live feed from the drone to your smartphone!

#4 Bayangtoys X8: ~$40

Bayangtoys X8 Bayantoys X8_result

I remember my first quadcopter drone being the Bayangtoys X6. It was perhaps the best thing I could’ve gotten for $30 back then… but times have changed, and the same company is offering a LOT more for not a lot of extra money; the Bayangtoys X8 is seen as the ultimate Syma X5C killer by some!

What that also means is that the Bayangtoys X8 has a formidable 2 mega-pixel camera.

#3 SY X25: ~$35

X25 2_result-2

Having flown (and driven around) the SY X25 myself for a while, I can certainly say that this is one of those quadcopter drones (+ cars) that you GOT TO have in your collection.

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The SY X25 is essentially a quadcopter plus an RC car; and unlike other ‘carcopters’, the SY X25 actually has motor-powered wheels!

#2 Floureon FX-10 / DHD Drone D1: ~$15

DHD Drone D1 (8)

Floureon FX-10 / DHD Drone D1 on the left

Another collectible. If small drones are your thing, the Floureon FX-10 is another something that deserves to be in your collection this season. It is by far the world’s smallest drone; as an extra, it also fits right in its own controller!

#1 Cheerson CX-10C: ~$27

Cheerson CX-10C 7

The Cheerson CX-10C holds the feat of being the world’s smallest drone to have a camera. What’s more, it’s really affordable at well under $30 with free worldwide shipping!

So if you fancy tiny drones with cameras, the CX-10C is something that you should definitely check out.

Best Drones Under $50: Conclusion

There are tonnes of other quadcopter drones that sell for under $50; but these are the ones that have sold the most… and for a reason. Having flown almost all of them myself, I can vouch for the quality.

Another thing you must note is that the list is in no particular order; while the store owners have been kind enough to share crucial bestseller info with me, I’ve decided NOT to list them in order of popularity… for fun’s sake!

Do let the community know if you own any of these quadcopter drones by commenting below.