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Eachine H8S 3D Mini, a $18 drone that can do quite a bit

Eachine H8S 3D Mini

Banggood’s in-house quadcopter drone brand Eachine has to be credited with one thing if not anything else — for making super cheap quadcopters possible.

It was first the Eachine H8 Mini, then the H8 3D Mini, which was followed by the H8C Mini… and finally, the all new H8S 3D Mini which was announced earlier today.

The model names can be a little confusing, which is something the company could work upon. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at the new Eachine H8S 3D Mini.

Right off the bat, the Eachine H8S 3D Mini reminds me of one of my favourite budget quadcopters of this year — the Floureon H101. Eachine quadcopters are usually rebrands of JJRC ones, so it is a surprise that the H8S 3D Mini doesn’t correspond to a JJRC quadcopter.

The H8S 3D Mini is priced at a mere $17.99 shipped worldwide, which does look like quite an attractive price. The mention of ‘3D’ in the model name means that the H8S 3D Mini can fly inverted in addition to upright flights.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 3.51.58 PM_result

Eachine H8S 3D Mini Quadcopter 

  • Size: Micro | Headless: Yes
  • Battery: 220mAh | Camera: No

A 15C, 220mAh battery powers the Eachine H8S 3D Mini, which should be good for flights of around 6 minutes. As is the case with all other Eachine quadcopters, this one too comes with Headless Mode and Return to Home features.

Eachine H8S 3D Mini: Photos

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  • Disappointing that the only change they made to this “S” version is to change the transmitter to the same one as the H101, which is not a great tx to beign with :/

    • Agree with you here. The transmitter is kinda sci-fi-ish, and the dimensions aren’t the bast. Anyway, I don’t think Eachine (aka BG) could control that since IMO they’re rebranding an H101 here.

  • N C P

    This is just a Floureon H101 in an Eachine H8 mini shell. Save $5.00 and buy the Floureon.

  • TheDrone Guyz

    This is one of our favorite drones. Lots of bang for your buck. Great review. http://thedroneguyz.com/h8s/