The SY X25, comes from a rather obscure company — SongYang. What makes the ‘carcopter’ popular is not the brand name it is sold under, but the fact that it is a 2-in-1 device: a remote controlled car, plus a full-blown quadcopter.

How does that work? It’s easy to understand. The pitch and roll controls (the right hand side stick on the controller) the movements of the SY X25 when it is being driven around in car mode. To get the SY X25 in the air, you don’t need to change modes or anything, simply push the throttle stick up like you would normally do.

Very novel idea indeed!

I spent a couple of weeks with the SY X25, and am geared up with enough info for a review.

So, let’s get started.

SY X25 Review: Specifications

SY X25 8

  • Model: SY X25 (aka Syma X9)
  • Size: Mini
  • Camera: Optional
  • Battery: 650mAh
  • Charging time: 90 minutes


SY X25 Review: In the box

Here’s what all you get inside of the box:

  • SY X25 quadcopter
  • Transmitter
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 4 x Spare Propellers
  • Screwdriver

SY X25 Review: Build Quality

The SY X25 actually feels substantial quality and not like other cheap quadcopters from China. I suspect that Syma get it from the same factory as SongYang. If you’ve read my previous reviews, you’ll know that I rate Syma highly, mainly for the beginner-friendly quality they supply on their quadcopter drones.

The SY X25 feels as well made as any Syma; and this applies not only to the aircraft but also to the controller. The aircraft is on the heavier side… it’ll definitely surprise you with its weight. What that means is that it’s really stable in the air (as you shall read in the next section).

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The wheels seem to be made out of plastic with some sort of foam on them for grip, which for me, is a weird choice. It does seem that the foam will wear out, especially when the SY X25 is driven around on abrasive surfaces.

Overall, I’m definitely impressed with how the SY X25 is put together. It isn’t the cheapest quadcopter drone in the market right now (at around $38 for the non-camera version), but that is justified given how well it is made. The camera version of the quadcopter is around $9 extra.

SY X25 Review: Flight/Driving Characteristics

SY X25 11

Thanks to the wheels and the extra mechanism that goes into making them useful, the SY X25 is way heavier than a micro (and even some mini) quadcopter drones. This means that although the flight is very nimble, it is also extremely stable. In the sense that the X25 won’t wobble around in the air… and will, for the most part, stay in one place when you want it to.

How to switch between car and quadcopter mode? Well, it’s simple. Use the right stick to control the SY X25 when on land (don’t touch the left stick meanwhile). When you’re bored of being on the land and want to take off, push the throttle stick (left stick) up and voila! You’ll be flying.

It is worth noting that even the slightest bit of throttle will disengage the wheel motors.

To speak of how the X25 performs as an RC car… let’s just say that it does. The RC car feature is a novelty and should be treated as such; it doesn’t perform as the best RC car you’ll see in your life. In my unit of the SY X25, there’s a slight issue where the wheel doesn’t touch the ground when turned in one direction. This often causes the machine to go out of control and spin like mad.

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Nonetheless, it gives me a kick each time to see the X25 roll on the ground like a car and then take off like a quadcopter!

SY X25 Review: Flight Times/Battery

Thanks to a 650mAh battery, the SY X25 does take quite a while to charge fully. In my tests, this was usually around the 90 minute mark as advertised.

It’s really tricky to measure the flight time with this one. I have a feeling that driving around the SY X25 takes a lot lesser out of the battery than it does while flying it around… in my tests, I was able to get over 5 minutes of flight time after every charge. This includes a minute or so of ground driving.

SY X25 Review: Controller

The controller that ships with the SY X25 is perfectly designed for intermediate pilots. In the sense that whether you’re a ‘thumber’ or a ‘pincher’, the SY X25’s controller is very usable. Many budget quadcopters come with controllers that don’t suit ‘pinchers’, I’m thankful this one does!

The controller takes 6 x AA batteries. It offers trims on all axes, meaning throttle, yaw, pitch and roll.

Other than that, there are only two buttons (on the shoulders) for changing rates (left shoulder button) and performing flips (right shoulder button).

SY X25 Review: Picture Gallery

SY X25 Review: Verdict

The SY X25 is something that should definitely be a part of your quadcopter collection.

If you’re looking for your first quadcopter, it might not be the best choice; however if you’ve already owned and flown one before (and know how its done), the X25 is the one you should be eyeing.

Great battery life, super fun car mode, agile flights and a sturdy build are what make the SY X25 a winner in my book.

Thanks to for arranging the review sample for us.