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EHang 184 – Passenger Carrying Drone at CES

Ehang 184

Annoyed with traffic on the roads? Fly over it! No, we are not daydreaming, but EHang a Chinese company — one about which you may have read before — dared to dream and has come up with the EHang 184, a life-size quadcopter that weighs about 200kg and can carry a person weighing upto 100kg for a rough flying time of 23 minutes, which is estimated to cover a distance of 20km.

This quadcopter does not need a pilot to control it. In fact, the passenger only needs to feed in the destination through an app and leave the rest to the Ehang 184.

downloadThe Ehang 184 is powered by electricity (yay! go green!) and true to its name of a Quadcopter has four arms on which are mounted eight propellers. The drone is also equipped with technology to detect obstacles and ensure a safe drop off for the passenger.

Everything seems great till you realise that you cannot buy this as of now. And with most countries having severely strict laws against such aerial vehicles, casually flying around in one anytime soon is nothing less than a dream.

Although, I’m pretty sure if I got my hands on it the first thing I’d do is paint it black, get myself a badass outfit and go out fighting crime as a vigilante of the night.

But well all of these seem impossible right now, maybe someday though…


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