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The Fayee FY805 hexacopter is a first of many!


We’re already familiar with Fayee and their drones. The newest from the Fayee camps, however, is something not characteristic of the brand.

Known as the Fayee FY805 hexacopter, the drone breaks a couple of records. It is:

  • the world’s first nano hexacopter, and
  • the world’s smallest headless mode drone

Not bad from a company that isn’t as well known as say, Cheerson or JJRC.

Another characteristic of this hexacopter drone is that it fits right in its controller, very much like the DHD Drone D1 that I’ve reviewed previously.


Fayee FY805 Nano Hexacopter Drone

  • Size: Very Small  | Camera: No
  • Battery: 150mAh | Headless: Yes

The Fayee FY805 is listed to have a 150mAh battery, but I’m guessing like other nano quadcopters this is going to be around 100mAh in reality.

That doesn’t matter though, what matters is the flight time which is expected to be around 4-5 minutes tops, despite whatever webshops mention on their listings.

Fayee FY805: Photos

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  • You say it is the smallest with headless mode, but that is not true as the other quads, like cx stars and FX-10 and D1 all have headless. It would be the smallest hex though, but it is the smallest hex in general. I saw it on BG a few minutes ago and came here 🙂