LiDi RC may not be a brand that gets discussed too often here at RC Drone Arena, but a new offering by the company seems to have in it enough to catch drone pilots’ fancy.

Known as the LiDi RC L6F, the hexacopter comes with full 5.8GHz FPV (as opposed to 2.4GHz analog or WiFi), which is made possible due to a 2 mega-pixel camera.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at this new drone.

Interestingly, the LiDi RC L6F comes with 3-bladed props as opposed to 2-blade ones that we’re accustomed to seeing. The controller comes with an FPV monitor of its own, which means there’s no additional parts you need to supply to the LiDi RC L6F before you start using it. Speaking of the controller, it looks like a 1:1 clone of the one that comes with the Cheerson CX-20.

While it may not be worth mentioning, we’ll do it for the record’s sake anyway: the hexacopter comes with headless mode.

LiDi RC L6F 5.8GHz FPV Drone


Moving to the most important bit: the pricing, the LiDi RC L6F is priced at an attractive $86. This makes it an attractive option for intermediate drone pilots who want a taste of FPV without having to break the bank.

LiDi RC L6F: Photos

LiDi RC L6F LiDi RC L6F 5 LiDi RC L6F LiDi RC L6F 3 LiDi RC L6F LiDi RC L6F

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