It might not be news for a number of drone enthusiasts that DJI is set to visit the market again with the release of their DJI Phantom 4 RC drone.

Very reliable sources indicate that makers of the prolific Phantom 3 RC drone released last year are set to rock the market once more. Some of the information contained here are the rumored features of the soon-to-be released drone.

DJI Phantom 4: Flight Time

All drone flyers want nothing more than long flight time. Leaks have indicated that the proposed Phantom 4 RC drone will come with larger capacity batteries (compared to previous models) which are expected to give them longer flight times.

The current model (Phantom 3 and variants thereof) has a flight time of about 20 minutes. Whilst there is no official announcement of the flight duration, the larger battery capacity could simply indicate more time flying.

30 minutes is what you can probably expect from the Phantom 4… which we hope isn’t going too far ahead of ourselves!

DJI Phantom 4: Camera Features

Phantom 4 03_resultThe video recording mode of the 2014 model (Phantom 2) was 1080p, while the Phantom 3 has a 4K variant. While it is expected that the Phantom 4 will have a higher video mode, this might not be readily possible at the moment. There are however indications that a number of video features — such as the bitrate, frame rate, low light performance and color processing to mention a few — will be thoroughly improved upon.

The resolution of the video stream via Lightbridge is also likely to go up from its present 720p HD to 1080p FHD. Improvements on video latency and the already existing video signals of 3 miles are also on the cards.

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DJI Phantom 4: Obstacle Avoidance (?)

As with a number of drones scheduled for release in the course of the year, the Phantom 4 RC drone is most likely going to developed to have obstacle avoidance features. DJI will however have to deal with developing relevant software and programming it from scratch to make this a possibility.

They will also have to take into account the cost implications if they intend to create a consumer-friendly drone. These they must do and get right almost immediately, for there isn’t too long to go before the Phantom 4 hits the market.

There are no indications that obstacle avoidance will be ready on the day of release but then, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

DJI Phantom 4: Release Date, Cost

DJI is pretty silent on the cost of the proposed drone. Login would suggest that the Phantom 4 cost more than the Phantom 3, because of the numerous upgrades and improvements that’ll go into it. It just might end up costing twice the price… you never know.

They will therefore need to have reasons to justify this cost. DJI have proven in the past that they’re good at it.

No one’s sure of when the Phantom 4 will hit the market, but if coincidences are anything to go by, then it just might be released sometime in April like the previous models.

DJI Phantom 4: Other Improvements

If you know a thing or two about DJI Phantom drones, you will recognize that they have churned out 4 main types of Phantom 3 RC drones; the Standard, 4K, Advanced and Professional variants over time.phantom 4 02_result

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We should look out for an inclusion, or upgrade of: dedicated customizable buttons, improvement of the vision positioning system, a probable inclusion of a more robust camera than the existing Sony Exmor R BSI 1/2.3″. Other improvements may include those of the dedicated return to home button, DJI Lightbridge video downlink (as discussed earlier), and more.

DJI Phantom 4: A little wishlist…

If wishes were drones, we would definitely fly them.

What we wish for is a far improvement of Phantom 3. Even if they choose to release a 3.5 or 3.99 model, the experience of flying it should be nothing close to the present Phantom 3 but far beyond.

We wouldn’t mind having advanced follow me options; something we are able to control from even a wristband instead of using the traditional controller. We might also look forward to highly improved landing gears. Whether they choose to reduce the length of the legs or make them retractable (DJI Inspire 1 style), we just want to see an improvement in how the Phantom 4 lands on the ground.

Finally, an improvement in the shell is what we expect to see; something made out of stronger, more durable materials, a more robust motor design. And of course improved batteries with lasting lifespan.

If the news scoop we are picking up are anything to go by, then these batteries are expected to have grip guards on their clips.