Osmo 2 leaked photo

DJI’s Osmo is regarded as one of the most thought out handheld gimbals (stabiliser) out there. With the amount of traction DJI has been getting of late, it might make sense for the company to give the Osmo an upgrade.

But is that actually happening?

Rumours (and a handful leaked photos) do point at what could be an upgraded Osmo, or the Osmo 2. Before discussing further, lets take a look at the pictures in question.

DJI Osmo 2 4 Axis Gimbal Leaked Photos



However, it might not make financial sense for DJI to launch a successor to the Osmo so soon.

And thus, it doesn’t seem as though there will be an Osmo 2… for now.

As MyFirstDrone points out, what we’re seeing in leaked photos is perhaps a 4th-axis attachment for the existing DJI Osmo.

4th Axis? Wait… what?

I would’t blame you if you thought ‘4th axis’ defied science. What the terms refers to, however, is the wobble that’s introduced to the video when you’re shooting video while walking.

The attachment should be able to reduce the wobble.

So, it’s evidently not an Osmo 2 that we’re looking at, but most likely an attachment that DJI could announce at the March 4th event in New York (where the DJI Phantom 4 RC drone is expected to be announced).

Also take a look at the video below to get a taste of a 4 axis gimbal and its efficacy:

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