15-year-οƖԁ Luke Bannister, who hails from Britain, just lead his team to number one place on the podium after the world’s first Drone Racing GP, the World Drone Prix, took place in Dubai.

With a cumulative prize pool of $1 million, the World Drone Prix is easily the biggest drone racing league that’s taken place. The spectacle attracted large crowds too, with more than 2,000 people attending the event.

World Drone Prix

While hardcore enthusiasts and participants had little to complain at the big-ticket event, the future of observing these events still remains to be shaped. Participants fly in FPV (first person view; i.e., while seeing what the drone sees), but the audience is left on its own to realise what exactly is going on.

“Drone pilots fly their racing craft in first-person, using special headsets to see as the drone sees, but for observers the footage can feel — and sound — like being strapped to the front of a particularly excitable wasp,” The Verge sums it up.

Get a taste of how it’s like at the World Drone Prix by watching the video below and get a rush of blood:

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