The JJRC H25W is a large-sized quadcopter that can be bought for not a lot of money. It comes in an RTF package, and has a few different variants pertaining to the camera for the most part.

I received the JJRC H25W for testing, courtesy our friends from Geekbuying. The quadcopter measures 50 x 50 x 18 cm, so it is fairly large for a ready to fly.

JJRC H25 2

The design of this quadcopter is fairly symmetrical, as confirmed by the dimensions also.

JJRC H25 3

Adding the landing skids and propeller guards takes a bit of time, but is well worth it. The entire look and feel of the quadcopter changes once the gear is on; it starts looking a lot more daunting and ‘real’ than before.

JJRC H25 5

A powerful LED sits in the front portion of the quadcopter. The LEDs strength is further increased by a convex lens that helps ‘project’ light.

JJRC H25 6

The prop guards are fairly bendy and they don’t seem like they’d break after a crash or two. The motors are brushed, as you would expect from a $59 RC drone.

JJRC H25 7

The rear portion of the canopy is where you’ll find the battery hatch.

JJRC H25 16

The battery itself is an 1800mAh 2s LiPo, which according to the factory will give 8 to 10 minutes of flight. I’d be happy with 8 minutes; the exact result will be published after due testing.

JJRC H25 14

The controller comes with a mounting bracket that you can use to attach your phone if you plan to use FPV. WiFi FPV in my opinion is extremely hard to deal with, so I’ll stick to line-of-sight flying after I’m done testing.

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The camera on this quadcopter is a 0.4 mega-pixel sensor, which is quite an odd resolution to have. That said, I hope it does better than other entry-level camera quadcopters we’ve seen in the past.

JJRC H25W: Other Photos

You can purchase the JJRC H25W WiFi FPV Quadcopter for a mere $59 with free shipping worldwide by clicking here or on the button above.