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Bet you didn’t see this coming: FPV on a watch!


Those that fly in FPV after getting used to flying in LoS (Line of Sight) reckon that it’s a very different experience. The experience is all set to become a bit more interesting, with the launch of this new gadget they call the GTeng T909.

GTeng rings a bell, doesn’t it? Indeed, it’s the same company that launched an FPV RC drone not too long back. The company is back with a really interesting device in the T909; in plain, simple words, it’s a watch that acts as an FPV monitor!

GTeng T909 FPV Watch

The GTeng T909 works on 5.8GHz FPV (difference between FPV frequencies explained), and features a 2.6-inch display atop. What this means is that you’ll have to have rather large wrists for the T909 to look in place on you.

It comes with 8 channel reception, and an FPV receiver with a  3dBi copper tube antenna. The makers claim that the FPV display can go on for a full hour before powering off on a full charge (which takes ~70 minutes).

GTeng T909: Pricing

Honestly, we’re not quite sure what purpose exactly the T909 would serve, but quadcopter enthusiasts are known to splurge on gadgets they might never even need. Speaking of, the T909 is priced a not-so-bad $39.5 with free worldwide shipping.

Do we have any takers reading this? Let us know in the comments section below!

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