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Mind-controlled Drones Are Here (Video Inside)


A mind-controlled drone race was conducted in the University of Florida by a bunch of their developers. This kind of machine-mind control requires some serious concentration and focus.

Mind-controlled dronesWhat was this race like, you ask? 16 pilots participated in getting their drones to the finish line 10 yards apart by simply using their willpower. This race was recorded as the first of its kind. The most interesting bit of this entire exercise was that each participant spent a fixed $500 on equipment.

The units that they used detect the electrical activity of the brain and translate it to code, which in turn converts into commands used by the drones.

“This race intends to popularize the use of BCI instead of it being stuck in the research lab. Racers used consumer brand devices to create their units and they pushed those devices’ abilities to the limit.” said Chris Crawford, a Ph.D student in ‘Human-centered engineering’.

The AP report predicts a future where mind-controlled drones are trained to carry out several day to day tasks by nothing but thoughts.

Take a look at the video below to get a better idea:


Haven’t we always wondered how awesome it would be if we could simply control drones with our minds? A few years ago, all it was, was a very ambitious dream (or pure sci-fi material). But today, it finally finds its path to existence. To some, it might come across as highly creepy but to the others, the techies, rather intriguing.

The inclusion of a state of consciousness can also be implemented to control these drones, irrespective of mood and fatigue.

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In no time, these mind-controlled drones are expected find face in the prominent markets across the world. Believe us when we say this: these drones are here to stay!

Hopefully in the near future, you will be able to control a drone with the help of just your brainwaves only with a head-mounted controller that makes you look like the geeky kid who does weird experiments in the science lab!