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Top 5 Quadcopter Drones For Beginners (Under $100)


Drones are fast becoming the next big thing, what with the industry set to hit $21.5 billion by 2022. Commercial applications for drones are a dime a dozen, ranging from simple drone delivery to drone racing. Governments are drafting policies and regulations for the use of drones, and they may well be on their way to becoming a preferred mode of transport!

With all this in mind, flying drones or quadcopters as a hobby is also quite enjoyable, whether said drones come with a First Person View option or not. Many options are out there can often be expensive, so we thought we’d compile a list of the top 5 quadcopters under $100 for you.

So here goes — the top 5 quadcopter drones for beginners!

Top 5 Quadcopter Drones For Beginners Under $100

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1Cheerson CX-10W FPV

Price: $28.49


Cheerson is a leading manufacturer when it comes to inexpensive, beginner drones that are easy to fly. The CX-10W is a WiFi-enabled mini quadcopter with a 720p camera, 4 channels, and a 6-axis gyro. It weighs in at a mere 15g, and comes with Android/iOS connectivity for remote control. An SD card (up to 32 GB) can be used to store the pictures.

The CX-10W comes with a 150mAh battery (60 minutes to a full charge), and has a flight time of 4 minutes. Control and flight distances both extend up to 30 meters. It runs on a 2.4 GHz frequency, and comes in three colours. Whats more, you can control the drone via your phone!

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2Syma X5C-1

Price: $45.99


The X5C-1 is an upgrade to the X5C, and comes with a 2 million-pixel camera, and is a standard 2.4 GHz, 4-channel, 6-axis quadcopter. It comes with a separate controller, however, and does not have Android/iOS compatibility.

The battery included is a 3.7 V, 500 mAh one (90 minutes to a full charge), giving the X5C-1 a flight time of 7 minutes. Flight distance extends up to 30 meters, and control distance distance to 50 meters.

The X5C-1 is particularly suited for photography applications, being able to shoot about 800 pictures, or a 30-minute video, on a 2 GB memory card. It is, however, significantly heavier than the CX-10W, at 916 grams.


Price: $99.99


The JJRC X1 is another quadcopter with 4 channels and a 6-axis gyro. It does not come with a camera, but makes up for it with a flight time of 15 minutes, and a control distance of 300-400 meters. A 7.4 V, 1300 mAh battery is included. Batteries (4xAA) for the transmitter need to be bought separately.

The X1 comes with a brushless motor, which are more efficient than traditional DC motors, and provide more torque. It weighs in at approx. 200 grams, without the battery and landing gear.


Price: $54.49


The JJRC H16 has 4 channels, a 6-axis gyro, and comes with a camera mount, but no camera. Operators can choose between a high-res 2 million pixel, or a wide-angle 5 million pixel camera, which need to be bought separately.

The H16 comes with a 7.4 V, 1200 mAh battery (90 minutes to a full charge), with a flight time of 8 minutes. It weighs in at approx. 310 grams, with a control distance of 100 meters.

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5JXD 509G

Price: $83.85


The JXD 509G comes with a 2 megapixel HD camera, and an FPV screen (LCD) running on a standard frequency of 5.8 GHz. The quadcopter itself is one with 2. GHz operation, 4 channels, and a 6-axis gyro.

Having a flight time of approx. 10 minutes, the 509G comes with a 3.7 V, 600 mAh battery, and weighs in at 996 grams, making it the heaviest quadcopter on this list. It also comes with one-key return functionality, and has a control distance of approx. 150 meters.

Top 5 Quadcopter Drones For Beginners Under $100: Conclusion

Quite clearly, there are a tonne of RC drones and quadcopters that can be bought under the $100 mark. However, the ones listed here are the bestselling ones — we’ve acquired the data straight from sellers worldwide.

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That said, there are bound to be other attention-worthy drones in the sub-$100. If you know of any, do leave a note in the comments section below!