WLtoys Q333 Inspire 1 clone RC Drone

It seems as though China-based drone maker WLtoys just got inspired by the Inspire 1 from DJI. WLtoys have announced the WLtoys Q333, which is essentially a knock-off of the Inspire 1 but a hell lot more affordable.

Chinese companies have been ripping off designs since as long as you can remember. However, with time, a lot of the new Chinese firms started producing stuff that was original and unlike anything else.

This includes DJI, a brand that’s synonymous with consumer drones. DJI have more than just a few original drones to their credit, including the extremely popular DJI Phantom and Inspire series.

WLtoys Q333, aka ‘WLtoys Inspire 1’?

WLtoys Q333 Inspire 1 clone RC Drone

To put things into perspective, the Inspire 1 is a $3000 drone while the WLtoys Q333 is $160 with free shipping all around the world. Quite a difference, clearly!

With the difference in price, there (naturally) comes a difference in specs. But this is the thing about new-age companies — they keep pushing the boundaries, either with the tech they offer or how much it is sold for.

For less than $100 $160, the WLtoys Q333 gives you a full 5.8GHz FPV platform to hone your skills on. This includes the drone, a (0/3 mega-pixel/VGA) camera on it, a monitor attached to the controller and everything else required to make it work. The makers also ship a 4GB microSD card with it so you can start shooting aerial video right out of the box.

Heck, the arms even retract on the Q333, giving it a complete Inspire 1 ‘feel’. To be honest, I’m pretty excited to test this one out!

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WLtoys Q333 Inspire 1 clone RC Drone

It seems as thought the Q333 uses a proprietary battery connector, which is a bit of a shame. However, that should make the battery easy to install and remove. As for the capacity, the battery measures 2000mAh (7.4V/20C). The motors on this one seem to be of the brushed type.

You can purchase the Q333 for $160 shipped by following this link. There are a few different versions of the WLtoys Q333; the one discussed here turned out to be the Q333-A variant, with FPV.

WLtoys Q333 Inspire 1 Clone Photos

  • Andy

    Ciao, ne ho appana ordinato uno su Gearbest. Ha davvero il carrello retrattile? Inlotre che tipo di motori utilizza? Riuscirà ad alzre una GoPro?

    • Ciao, secondo le informazioni da GearBest (e le immagini in dotazione) il drone non ha carrello di atterraggio retrattile. Tuttavia, non possiamo confermare al 100% prima di arrivare un campione.
      Hi, according to info from GearBest (and the supplied pictures) the drone does have retracting landing gear. However, we can’t confirm 100% before we get a sample.

      • Joe Cro

        Hello, I have a WLToys Q333-B Wifi version, and it does in fact have the retractable gear that actually works in three positions.
        I also like the way it flys with it’s big 9 inch blades, though it feels a bit heavy in the air. Overall I really love mine and think it’s a good deal. I think Gearbest still has a few in stock that very recently came in.
        Best regards,
        Joe Cro

        • Thanks for the info, Joe! Wondering if you’d be interested in doing a reader review of the Q333 on RC Drone Arena? 🙂

          • Joe Cro

            Hello Yash, YES definitely I’d be interested in doing a reader review of the Wiltoys Q333-B (Wifi version) I have. Is there any special format or any way in particular you would like me to do it? Please let me know and we can take things from there.
            BTW, I’ll try to be as factual as possible since I’ve already seen some discrepancies in the specs and conflicting information about it.
            Also, would you like my email address if you already don’t have it?
            Best Regards,
            Joe Cro

          • Joe, that sounds perfect. I’ve sent an email to you with some info (at n3*** Cheers!