Home Giveaway Giveaway: Win Three Free Drones & More! (ended)

Giveaway: Win Three Free Drones & More! (ended)


It’s been a while since we hosted a giveaway here at RC Drone Arena, so here’s one.

Here we’re offering RC Drone Arena readers the chance to win 3 x Cheerson CX-10D quadcopter drones, and one Gteng T909 FPV watch.

How to enter giveaway

Here’s where you can enter to win one of the three Cheerson CX-10D quadcopter drones. Here’s our first experience with the CX-10D.

Update 05/24/2016: Giveaway ended, winners announced.

RC Drone Arena 3x Drones Giveaway

Additionally, a random winner will be chosen (someone apart from the people who’ve won a CX-10D) for the Gteng T909 FPV Watch.

Terms and conditions

  • The contest will run from 10th May to 24th May 2016
  • This contest is open to readers worldwide
  • The product will be shipped via Registered Post/EMS/DHL
  • The winner will be responsible for any VAT/customs duties applicable
  • We will not be held responsible for lost shipments
  • We (RC Drone Arena/ www.rcdronearena.com) reserve the rights to making changes to this contest and/or the rules

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  • GFXchill

    Yo, thanks for the giveaway RC Drone Arena!

    I’m a 23 year old Bulgarian who’s been into the quadcopter hobby only a month or so. Interested to see how the CX-10D would fare indoors on a rainy day!!!

  • bullboxxer

    Great Idea, I am very curious about the altitude hold function.

  • Rohith Krishna

    The CX-10D looks great with pretty cool features. Probably the best in nano drone class in terms of functionality. Excited for more updates !!!

  • Kusumakar Dwivedi

    I am a biker who loves to document his rides, a drone will add a very unique perspective which I don’t get just with the action cameras and DSLRs.

  • Sagnik Ghosh

    My name is Sagnik, I am a novice FPV racer, I love programing, Computer science and Electronics. I am willing to participate on the next World Drone Prix coz I am a drone freak and I want to meet others like me

  • Mateen Baig

    Thanks for the Giveaway. Got into flying a month ago. Loving the micro size and the rains are close. This would be a great addition for some indoor fun.

  • Robert H. Smith

    Tiny quad with altitude hold, I am intrigued.

  • Robert H. Smith

    There is something wrong with your contest widget. I logged into disqus and left a comment on the blog. Added facebook and it wont accept my birthday even though I follow the format. It shows 0 entries even though I should have at least 2.

    • Hey Robert, the widget is configured to accept birth dates of people only 18 and older. Could you try again? Remember, it’s in MM/DD/YYYY format. Also, do use the referral link to increase your chances by 300%!

      • Robert H. Smith

        Ok I figured it out. Most forms fill in the slash marks for you, this one doesn’t.

  • Bo Holland

    love flying fpv , these would be a great practice drone

  • Dark and Cold

    Nice little drones. 🙂

  • Sojiro Mifune


  • Sojiro Mifune

    I love my CX10. Should be interesting to see how this latest compares. thanks for the contest!

  • imjohnphan

    Looks good.

  • Ayush Tyagi

    Will love to win this awesome small little packet of fun.

  • cyber singh

    Aweome stuff, would really like to win.

  • Jeffrey Palovchik

    This thing looks amazing. I have had the original cx-10 and the cx-10c and they were great. Expect a lot from this new version!

  • SJ

    That thing looks like a ton of fun, and I would love to bring it into the classrooms where I teach!

  • John

    I’m a 33yr old tech lover who is quite interested in quadcopters but unfortunately haven’t had the chance to use one yet.

  • Kosicky

    I would like to get a drone, never had one before. These drones are interesting. Then learn to use one of them.

  • Malik

    I saw a video about drones/quads using fpv and now I want to build my own one day.

  • Tom Marley

    Just swung by to read a review. Awesome site btw guys, had genuinely helped me choose my first drone to buy which should hopefully get some awesome footage of a volcano called el tiede I am going up. Looking at the cheerson cx10c after all it could be a molten mess once I finished!

  • Tom Marley

    Thanks for the awesome reviews, I am going to buy a cheerson cx 10-c to film up el tiede, the volcano, just booked the holiday for July!

  • luckywin1111@gmail.com

    That drone is far out!

  • Chris M

    I have the original Cheerson CX-10 i’d love to see how they advance the CX-10D.I loved the cx-10 🙂

  • €€€€€€€


  • Uriel Elyatim

    Hey, I’m an architecture student who loves to photograph all kinds of architectural buildings and structures. I had a mini drone and it was an amazing experience but it broke, can’t wait to have my hands on another one, especially this one! Thanks for this opportunity, hoping for the best:).

  • Avital Finkelstien

    Cool contest, Never had a drone myself but thought it could be awesome to try one

  • Lindell Pan

    cool, the smallest drone in the world.

  • Karrie Millheim

    I am a professiona HObbyist. I collect Star Wars, Zelda and anything geeky..I decked out my room in Star Wars and lord of the rings collectibles..Now I am working on living room..Star Wars dungeon when i get done with it..Thats what I love to do and gaming

  • rajee

    I am movie lover and search to collect more movie tickets to have great movie nights with my family

  • Malcolm Porter

    interesting small drone

  • MemeHermetic

    Both my brother and I live in urban areas but are getting into drones after we bought one for our father who lives in a rural area. It would be cool to get something like this drone as a surprise for my brother. Something he can zip around his complex with.

  • Brett Goldring

    I was close to buying this exact uav today! Giveaways are awesome

  • Riquez

    I have a racing quad but now it’s rainy season i need something for indoors!

  • Larry S

    I’m a retired LEO living on SS that discovered the world of UAVs at the ripe young age of 69. ALL giveaways are awesome!

  • Jase Rohde

    The more quads the better!

  • AS

    I have an self-made AP rig which I can’t fly too often because living in a city an not too much space here 🙂 would be cool to have something for indoors 🙂

  • Ultralight01

    I love drones, photography, and more. I still haven’t tried a micro drone and really want to!

  • mizkitty

    I Love Drones!
    Butter Me Up!

  • ido

    Wonder how this drone will perform, it does have the funkiest color of all of the drones out there

  • Paul Lynch

    I’m a drone virgin…. but looking to change that ASAP!

  • Wendy Collard

    Got the drone bug recently because of my hubby, own 2 drones – just wish the weather would brighten up so I could take them out!!

  • Chief Geek

    These look very cool, great for my two girls. Thank you for the contest!

  • EFDroneGeek

    Good website!; I wonder how it is flying a nano drone with altitude hold. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  • Simon Chan

    I loved nano quads. I’ve 2 x Floureon H101, 2 x FQ777-124. It would be nice to add a CX-10D to my collection.

  • Elsie

    The CX-10D looks great. I bet it will be a good beginner’s quad. Hope I can get one.

  • Batuhan Altunay

    CX-10D looks perfect. I Love nano quads. Hope i can get one this giveaway.

  • Jared Goldring

    New to drones also. Seems like it would be interesting to get into. Imagination could get a lot of cool camera angles with something like this.