If you’ve been flying RTF drones a while, it is natural to move on to something better, something more powerful. There are many drones that come with cameras these days, but a majority of them have extremely basic cameras good enough only to tell what’s going on.

In this case, hooking up your GoPro or other action cameras on to your drone seems like the way to go. If you are in the market looking for a drone that supports the weight of a GoPro, you’re in the right place.

Here are the top 5 drones for GoPro!

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Best Drones For GoPro

1. Cheerson CX-20

Best Drones for GoPro Cameras - Cheerson CX-20

The Cheerson CX- 20 is the product you have been looking for if you were searching for drones with GoPro Support. A GoPro can be attached to the bottom of the drone and high quality images or stunning videos can be captured which can be later uploaded online or stored on an external device.

This drone does not only support GoPro, but is very light on your pocket and costs around the $200 mark. With other features such as 300 meter control distance, 15 Minute Flight Time, Return to home function and Intelligent Orientation Control system, and most importantly, GPS support, this drone is quite the complete package.

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2. XK Detect X380

Best Drones for GoPro Cameras - XK Detect X380

According to the makers, XK Detect X380 is the Darth Vader of quadcopter industry. It  comes in 3 different versions i.e. X380-A, X380-B, and X380-C with minor differences in each one. The XK X380 is compatible with the GoPros and other similar action cameras.

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Standard version of XK Detect X380 has no camera, while the X380-A has a 1080p camera with no stabilisation. The X380-B on the other hand has a 1080p camera with stabilisation, with the highest end X380-C offering a 1080p camera plus a brushless gimbal.

The XK Detect X380 is equipped with GPS, and thus return to home as well. It offers beginner-friendly features such as one-key take-off and landing.

Features that stand out on the X380 are: excellent control range, 25-30 minute flight time (without accessories; 15-20 minutes with gimbal and 1080p camera) and altitude hold.

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3. Kai Deng K70

Best Drones for GoPro Cameras - Kai Deng K70C

If you don’t have a big budget for your GoPro compatible drone, the Kai deng K70 is a good choice for you. One of the coolest looking quadcopter, the Kai Deng K70 already has a 2MP camera which can stream HD quality image or video on 5.8GHz FPV monitor.

Also,a GoPro can be easily attached to the drone, since the drone is capable of carrying 500 grams of payload, a GoPro’s weight being manageable.

Additional features of the drone include easy maintenance, beginner-friendly prop guards. Inexpensive than most other camera drones drones, it attracts most of the urban nerds to fulfill their drone-needs.

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4. Syma X8HC

Best Drones for GoPro Cameras - Syma X8HC

Syma X8HC is a basic quadcopter which has all the functionality available. Even though the toy grade quadcopter does not consists of those vibration dampening mechanism, it works pretty well otherwise.

The X8C has enough reserve power that some owners have started mounting GoPro cameras on their X8Cs. This drone costs under $100, and is thus quite a cost-efficient affair.

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The Syma X8HC transmitter comes with a transmitter that lets you choose between three rates; basic, intermediate and advanced. That isn’t it, the X8HC also features headless mode support and altitude hold.

If you are searching for a basic quadcopter which is supporting GoPro, this is one of the cheapest option for you.

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5. WLtoys V666

Best Drones for GoPro Cameras - WLtoys V666WLtoys V666, another basic quadcopter can install a GoPro on it.

The quadcopter costs about $150, being pretty inexpensive, it does not contain GPS or high quality image.

It’s another one of the budget GoPro compatible quadcopters, akin to the X8HC and the K70 in this list. That said, the design of the WLtoys V666 is radically different from the ones mentioned on this page. This, therefore, gives the quadcopter rather unique flying characteristics.

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Best Drones For GoPro: Conclusion

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The drone market is changing shape at a rapid pace. There are more drones being launched every week than ever before. This gives prospective drone buyers a choice, but at the same time, makes it all the more difficult to choose from the available options.


This was our humble effort to make the experience better for you. If, in case, you have a suggestion for a drone that suits this list better than the options we’ve listed, feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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