Home News Parrot CEO: Room for improvement in drone space is ‘very big’

Parrot CEO: Room for improvement in drone space is ‘very big’


Henri Seydoux, CEO of Parrot, the company that brought us the stunning Bebop series of drones, was interviewed by Romain Dillet at the Techcrunch Disrupt.

Henri talked about how companies evolve, and how a top-notch company can pummel down into darkness. When asked why he gets involved with startups, Henri said that he aims to develop things that will be used 2 to 3 years down the line.

When asked about how he plans on competing with the increasing drone making companies, he revealed that drone maker Parrot would venture into agriculture. He also said that the drone industry is like the cellphone industry 4-5 years ago, with room for a lot of improvement.

Parrot develops a variety of products, ranging from drones to connected gardening to car kits. “I believe that it is much more easy to do something funny, do something unexpected and sell it as a consumer product”, said Henri when asked why Parrot needs to make toy drones.

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