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WATCH: Drone Light Show, Around The World With A Drone, & More


It is seldom that we come across the words “FAA” and “approved” in one sentence. But the FAA made an exemption for Intel as it the tech giant performed a drone light show in Palm Springs.

This was the first time the people enjoyed such an aerial experience in the United States. Manned by a single operator, 100 drones lit up, glimmering and pirouetting in the night sky.

Intel aims to replace fireworks with shows like these in large stadiums.

Check out the video below:

This isn’t the first time drones have been used for something creative. EpicTV.com and DJI produced and presented “Around the world with a drone” at the “Rise of the Drones 2016” festival.

It records the journey through the eyes of a drone. Every moment captured in stellar detail.

Check out the video:

One such creative endeavour ended in not the best way. At a recent middle ages festival in Lipetsk, Russia, one of the medieval enthusiast let the character get under his skin. He brought the drone down with a spear.

The drone was harmlessly hovering above the crowd recording the proceedings of the festival, when the medieval gentleman, out of nowhere decided to take a hit at the drone, causing it to crash.

Check it out:

After anti drone tech like the droneshield, this might just be the public’s way of taking down drones.

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