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Xiaomi drone is for real, and it now has a launch date


Xiaomi’s tried its hand at nearly everything. The Chinese brand makes phones, tablets, scooters, luggage, routers, and even water and air purifiers. So it would only be fitting for the tech giant to have its presence felt in the air as well. What better way to accomplish that than a drone?

There have been enough rumours and leaks through the past 6 months or so talking about the Xiaomi drone. Interestingly, the leaks point at the drone’s ability to be controlled by a wrist band, possibly the next-generation Mi Band. Either way, Xiaomi could be on to something here. (Perhaps something = follow me mode?)

Xiaomi Drone Launch Date

What is new today is that the Xiaomi drone has a launch date going for it, finally. According to teasers sent out by Xiaomi’s China wing, the drone will take off 25th May which is all but 5 days away from now.

The leaked accompanying app for the Xiaomi Drone (“Mi Drone?”) suggest 4K video recording on the drone, which would mean it goes head-on with the giants — DJI’s Phantom line and Yuneec’s Typhoon series.

Xiaomi drone launch date

Either way, with only less than a week to go before the official launch, we can’t wait to see what Xiaomi will have on offer.

Xiaomi Drone Pricing

The company is known for its rather aggressive pricing, and it’ll be worthwhile keeping an eye on the Xiaomi and its proceedings with this drone to see if the brand can pull off something similar this time around.

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That said, word is that the Xiaomi drone will cost as much as 3,999 Yuan ($610) which might just leave its loyals high and dry.