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Meet the new Dubai 210mm Mini Carbon Racing Quadcopter

Dubai 210mm Racing Quadcopter

Racing quadcopters are all the rage these days. In fact, there was even a drone racing league hosted, which stands testimony to the rising popularity of drone racing as a sport.

What we’re here to tell you about is the all new Dubai 210mm Mini Carbon Fibre racing quadcopter which just got announced. For not a lot of money, the Dubai 210mm packs quite a punch. Keep reading to know what it comes with.

Parts included are: 210mm full carbon fiber frame, RS2205 motors, 20A ESCs, Deluxe SP3 flight controller, 5045 props, and a KSX534 Section Board. Quite clearly, the Dubai 210mm is fit for you if you’ve built quadcopters in the past. 20A ESCs, 2205 motors and bullnose props — this definitely ain’t beginner material!

To get the quadcopter flying in the air, you’ll have to add your own Rx (receiver), Tx (transmitter) and LiPo battery.

Dubai 210mm Racing Quadcopter

The factory is currently offering all of that for less than $200 — $183 to be precise. If you are looking for your first quadcopter build, something like the RoboCat 270mm might be better suited for you. On the other hand, if you’ve some experience on your hands, the Dubai 210mm can be a perfect fit!

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