Many variations of drone photography applications are such that the drone needs to constantly be moved, either from place to place, or along with the operator. For example, in case of adventure sports (mountain biking, etc.), or hiking, it would be a pain to have someone constantly guide the drone along the path you are taking. For this purpose, the “follow me” mode on drones is provided.

The Follow Me mode allows you to forget about controlling the drone while it follows you without any manual input whatsoever.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 Follow Me drones on the market today!

Top 10 Follow Me drones money can buy

1. DJI Phantom 3 Standard

The Phantom 3 Standard has a 12 mega-pixel camera, capable of recording 2.7 K HD video, and includes built-in GPS. It comes with a standard 5.8 G controller, with a transmission distance of 1000 m, and weighs in at 1216g. P3standard_result

The Standard has a 2600 mAh battery, allowing for up to 25 minutes of flight time. In the Follow Me mode, the controller is paired with your mobile device (the DJI GO app). Once follow me mode is activated, the drone will continue to follow the operator at a constant distance, with the altitude displayed.

If that wasn’t enough, here are 10 reasons why the DJI Phantom 3 is the best $500 drone on the market!

Watch a demonstration of the Phantom 3 Standard’s Follow Me mode below:

DJI Phantom 3 Standard — Buy now on Amazon, DJI Store

2. 3DR Solo

The 3DR Solo is a camera drone with a mount for a GoPro of your choice; photos with up to 12 mega-pixel resolution can be wirelessly streamed from the GoPro straight to the 3DR Solo app. The 3DR has a multitude of capabilities when it comes to getting the right shot, due mostly to its highly advanced controller (2.4 G), which is a computer in its own right.

3dr solo_result

The Smart Shots suite of features on the 3DR make it easy to capture high-quality shots, with either the flight, the camera, or both controlled by the on-board controller, while you guide it. This includes a follow me mode, which can be seen in the demo video below:

3DR Solo — Buy now on Amazon

3. Hubsan X4 FPV H501S

The Hubsan X4 H501S is a brushless FPV drone equipped with a 1080 p camera, and weighs in at 410 g. With a full charge flight time of 20 minutes, the H501S is capable of 5.8 G real-time video transmission. Buyers have a choice of two controllers, differing only in the size of the LCD. (Also check out the Hubsan H109S X4 Pro)

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The H501S has in-built GPS, enabling return to home and follow me functions. It is also capable of flying in headless mode.

A demonstration of the various modes below:

Hubsan H501S X4 — Buy now on Banggood, GearBest, Amazon

4. WLtoys V303

The WLtoys V303 is a 2.4 G quadcopter with a camera mount compatible with the GoPro. A 2700 mAh battery gives it a flight time of 15 minutes, and a range of 300 to 500 m.


The V303 comes with headless mode, a return-to-home function, and the follow me mode. You can watch a crude demo of the various modes below:

WLtoys V303 — Buy now on GearBest, Amazon

5. AirDog

The AirDog is an auto-follow drone built specifically for action sports such as mountain biking, and comes with a GoPro mount, but no built-in camera which means you have to mount a camera of your own (here are 5 best alternatives to the GoPro). With a 5600 mAh battery, it has a flight time of 18 minutes, and a control distance of 250 m.


The AirDog’s controller is called the Airleash (clever, huh?), and is strapped onto one’s wrist. It comes in 5 variants currently — MTB, Wakeboard, surf, Backcountry, and Windsurf — each with tailored flight modes. A Kiteboard variant is due to launch soon. Watch a demo of the Airdog below:

AirDog — Buy now on Amazon

6. FlyPro XEagle

The FlyPro XEagle is a GPS-enabled camera drone that comes in four variants – Lite, Sport, Advanced, and Professional. Since the XEagle is targeted at photographers, all four models come with 4K cameras. Control of the drone is achieved through a smartwatch, which also accepts voice commands. In fact, the XEagle is known for being the world’s first smartwatch-controlled drone.

FlyPro XEagle_result
The FlyPro XEagle Sport

Along with the follow-me feature, the XEagle has one-button control, automatic obstacle avoidance (in the Professional), and a moving camera. It weighs 1270 g, with a max. flight time of about 22 minutes.

FlyPro XEagle — Buy now on Amazon

7. DJI Phantom 4

The Phantom 4 is a drone with a 4K camera that captures video at 30 fps. It is also 720p FPV enabled, and has a flight time of about 28 minutes. It reaches speeds of up to 44 mph, and has an ActiveTrack feature, with which it can track moving objects.

DJI P4_result

The Phantom 4 is capable of taking flight at a single tap, and along with the follow me feature, it is also equipped with return to home and obstacle avoidance features. You can watch a demo of the follow me mode below:

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DJI Phantom 4 — Buy now on Banggood, Amazon, DJI Store

8. XK Aircam X500

The XK Aircam X500 is an aerial photography quadcopter. Weighing in at 1800 g with the camera (1080p HD), it has a flight time of about 30 minutes. The X500 is shipped without the camera, whereas the X500-A comes with it.

XK X500_result

The X500 is GPS-enabled for the follow me mode, and also has other features such as return to home, headless mode, and one-key take-off and landing.

XK X500 — Buy now on Banggood, GearBest, Amazon

9. JYU Hornet S

The JYU Hornet S is a quadcopter drone which comes with a 12 mega-pixel camera. It is available in three variants, of which two are 5.8GHz FPV enabled. It is also GPS-enabled, allowing for modes such as Follow Me, Hover, and Return to Home.

JYU Hornet S_result

Apart from the hover mode, the Hornet S has surround flight and route-to-follow capabilities. Weighing 1000 g at takeoff, it is capable of 20-25 minutes of flight. Watch the GPS hold (follow me) mode in action below:

The three variants of the Hornet S are the Basic ($110), the FPV version ($280), and the FPV goggles version ($390).

JYU Hornet S — Buy now on Banggood, Amazon

10. Hubsan X4 H502S

The Hubsan H502S is a neat-looking quadcopter with a built-in GPS module and 720p HD camera. Weighing in at 140-147 g, the H502S is considerably lighter than its predecessor, the H501S (mentioned earlier on this list).


With a 610 mAh battery, the H502S is capable of 12-13 minutes of flight.

Other functions include return to home, headless mode, and automatic calibration. Watch a demo of the various modes below:

Hubsan H502S — Buy now on Banggood, GearBest

Top 10 Follow Me drones money can buy: Conclusion

As is the case with every other listicle here on RC Drone Arena, we’re restricted to 5-10 items. There surely are more quadcopter drones on the market that can do follow me, but these are by far the best ones according to us.

If you have any other suggestions, or know of more follow me drones, then let us know in the comments section below!