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Airobotics raises $28.5M, to service industries


Israel-based startup Airobotics has garnered in investments worth $28.5 Million from a combined Series A and B round of funding. The company provides a a hardware-software solution for surveillance of large areas and collects data with the help of their UAV setup. Such autonomous drone service is vital for large industries like agriculture, wildlife, mining, gas, oil and emergency that need to have a constant update on the land. Until now, such industries have relied on manned aircraft to do the job but that doesn’t come cheap and hence drones are slowly taking over this space. However, they come with a major problem- operating such surveillance drones requires professional-grade skill.


Airobotics bridges this gap with their skill set and surveillance system, making it easier for the large industries to get their surveillance done at an economical price. Airobotics’ setup comprises of three major components: the drone known as Optimus, the base station known as Airbase, and Airobotics software.

The Optimus drone can carry payloads of up to 1 kg and has a maximum flight time of 30 minutes. The drone is compatible with a plethora of modules as required for the job like a 4K camera, RGB and IR cameras, LIDAR, Hyperspectral and Multispectral imagers, and Gas Sensing cameras. The drone isn’t, however, limited to these aforementioned attachments and developers can build their own modules as required.

The Aribase base station is perhaps the smartest part of Airobotics’ system. Apart from being a launch and landing pad for the drone, it also doubles as a charging/ refueling station which is essential for long duration flights. The base station can even automatically swap the battery, data module and the payloads when necessary. The Airbase software does all the post processing work on the collected data and provides human understandable information from it.

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The $28.5 Million funding as we mentioned earlier has been invested by some of the prominent capitalists and ventures like BlueRun Ventures, CRV, Israel Chief Scientists, UpWest Labs, Noam Bardin- CEO of Waze and Richard Wooldridge- COO of Google ATAP.

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