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The best accessories for the DJI Phantom 4


The DJI Phantom 4 is a powerful camera drone capable of reaching speeds of up to 44 mph. It comes with a patented tracking technology, and is capable of up to 28 minutes of flight time, recording 4K video (30 fps) or 1080 p slow motion video (120 fps). Also being 720p HD enabled for FPV, it is priced at $1399, and is an excellent drone for aerial photography/videography.

DJI Ph4_resultA copious amount of accessories are available for the Phantom 4, to make it easier to use, carry, and store. So we decided to compile a list of the best of them. Here are the top 10!

Top 10 Accessories For DJI Phantom 4

1. DJI Phantom series multi-functional backpack

Any drone, especially camera drones, can prove difficult to carry due to their fragility. The Phantom series backpack takes care of these concerns, having a cozy space that is capable of carrying the Phantom 4 itself, and several accessories.

DJI P4 backpack_result

Available for $199, the empty backpack weighs 2.5 kg. Along with the drone itself, it can carry the remote controller, 3 batteries, 12 propellers, a battery charger, and a 15″ laptop. Handy, eh?

2. DJI 9450S quick release propellers

Undoubtedly, the most fragile part of any drone are its propellers- even slight damage to even one of them can affect the flight of the drone. So, it’s always a plus to keep extra propellers on you.

DJI P4 props_result

Each propeller weighs 11 g, and a pair costs $9.

3. Quick release propeller guards

As mentioned, propellers are the most fragile part of a drone. It would only make sense, then, to have a way to protect them from harm. Propeller guards do just that.


What’s more, the propeller guards also prevent propellers from harming the operator/anybody else. Flying indoors also becomes less risky. These propeller guards are available for $49.

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4. DJI intelligent flight battery

If you’re looking to shoot long videos (>28 minutes) on the Phantom 4 at a stretch, it’s advisable to carry a spare battery. The intelligent flight battery from DJI is the standard 5350 mAh, 15.2 V LiPo battery required by the Phantom 4.

P4 battery_result

The battery has built-in sensors and LEDs to measure and indicate remaining power, and is available for $169.

5. DJI battery charging hub

While shooting video for extended stretches of time, it’s advisable to charge one battery while another is in use. The battery charging hub from DJI is the perfect tool, capable of charging 3 intelligent flight batteries at once.

p4 charging hub_result

The batteries will be charged in sequence, according to their power levels, from high to low. The storage mode also allows the hub to keep batteries at a 50% charge, which is ideal for storage. The charging hub from DJI is available for $90.

6. DJI ND filters (ND8 or ND16)

ND filters are camera filters which are used to reduce the amount of light entering the lens of the camera, in order to avoid over-exposed photos. This also allows for more control of the camera’s aperture, exposure time, and sensor sensitivity settings.

A DJI ND16 filter
A DJI ND16 filter

ND filters for the Phantom 4 are available in two variants: the ND8 (allows 1/8th of the incoming light through), and ND16 (allows 1/16th of the incoming light through). Both are available for $29.

7. DJI controller monitor hood (smartphones/tablets)

The controller for the Phantom 4 comes with a mount, with the help of which you can use your smartphone as a monitor for the video feed. To protect the device from direct sunlight and give the operator a clearer view of the display, you can use monitor hoods.

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P4 hood_result

Collapsible and easy to carry, the hoods are compatible with multiple models of the Phantom. The tablet hood, compatible with the iPad Mini (and similarly-sized tablets) is available for $16. The smartphone hood, compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus and other models, is available for $12.

8. DJI HDMI output module

The HDMI output module from DJI allows you to connect the drone’s controller to an output device such as a screen of FPV goggles. Live video feed and the aircraft’s battery levels can be exported via this module.


The module includes a Mini-HDMI output port, Micro-USB port, USB port and a CAN expansion port. It is available for $99.

9. Fatshark Dominator V3 FPV goggles

First-person view (FPV) is a pretty awesome concept, and allows you to literally see what your drone sees. With the Phantom 4’s high camera quality, this is quite a formidable experience. The Dominator V3 goggles have a 16:9 widescreen WVGA display, making for detailed viewing sessions.

FS DV3_result

The FPV kit, including an extra battery and a wall charger is available for $399.

10. Transcend card reader

A card reader made especially for transferring, playing back, and storing high quality video is definitely a must for the Phantom 4. This card reader from Transcend facilitates high-speed data transfer (1080 p and 4K video). It includes a Class 10 SD card (32 GB, in this case), and has a USB connector.


This can store up to 80 minutes of 4K video (4 battery life cycles), or 180 minutes of 1080 p HD video. It is available for $39.

Find more DJI Phantom 4 accessories on the DJI Store!