Hubsan H501s

The Xiaomi Mi Drone has caused quite a stir in the quadcopter drone industry. Pilots from around the world are lining up to buy this new quadcopter, without much success.

And there’s a reason why they aren’t able to get their hands on this elusive drone, and that is Xiaomi’s business model. Unlike DJI, Parrot or Yuneec, Xiaomi products (phones, tablets, or any of their gadgets) aren’t available for purchase off-the-shelf. They’re sold in a model that’s known as the ‘flash sale’ model.

Long story short, buyers from around the world that want to get their hands on the Mi Drone will likely have to wait not a few days, weeks, but a couple of months or so (at least) to be able to purchase an Mi Drone. I understand this might be a bit too late for some, which is why I brainstormed a bit to find out what could be the best Mi Drone alternative. The Hubsan H501s ticks almost all boxes, and is readily available. Let’s check if it is indeed the next best thing!

Hubsan H501s Features

The Hubsan H501s, despite being much cheaper than the Xiaomi Mi Drone (for international buyers, that is), has quite a lot of the features of the Mi Drone. Let’s have a look:

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Besides this, there are some impressive mods that you can perform on the Hubsan H501s to make it even better. For example, this range mod will give you a range of over 3 miles (for real!), which is in one word, quite insane for a quadcopter this price. Here’s a demo:

Or you could get hold of this gimbal that will allow you to install your own GoPro (or GoPro alternative) to the Hubsan H501s.

Should your transmitter lose connection with the H501s drone, failsafe will kick in, triggering the Return to Home mode. If it isn’t self explanatory, the drone will come back to the position it took off from. (more about Return to Home here)

Hubsan H501s

While the 1080p camera of the Hubsan H501s doesn’t feature gimbal (or OIS for that matter) stabilisation, it does offer a very stable stream of video. What’s more is that the camera doesn’t hang or bulge out of the frame; it neatly sits in the nose of the quadcopter.

Follow Me mode is made possible due to GPS modules both in the drone and in the controller. When Follow Me is engaged, you can stop worrying about the quadcopter’s controls and let is follow you in a very seamless manner.

Hubsan H501s Pricing

Hubsan H501s

At just about $250, the Hubsan H501s offers an extremely high value for money, both on paper and in real life. The one aspect where the Hubsan H501s completely trumps the Xiaomi Mi Drone is availability — you can purchase the Hubsan H501s right away, no flash sales, no invites, no waiting!

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We have one in the mail (coming from the Everbuying warehouse). You can purchase a Hubsan H501s from various e-shops, including:

So, will you be getting yourself an H501s this season? Let us know in the comments below. We totally are (and can’t wait for the DHL delivery boy to ring the doorbell)!

  • Brett Goldring

    I’ve had my eye on the mi uav for a while now, because it seems so comparable to the DJI phantom 3 advanced. A few features I’ve noticed between the xiaomi MI vs Hubsan 501s: xiaomi uses Glonass + GPS, Hubsan is GPS only. Xiaomi also has optical position hold (for holding still in the air, even inside). Hubsan has huge online community and more accessible aftermarket accessories. Xiaomi has 3 axis stability gimbal, whereas the linked hubsan gimbal has anti vibration only. And lastly xiaomi has planned routing and orbit modes available.

    Nonetheless, this article is well worth looking into, as they are pretty comparable.

    • Yep, the Mi Drone is gradually starting to look like more hype than substance. I’m actually really really excited about the H501s which will be here anytime this week.

  • Aussie648

    Just received my HUBSAN 501S advanced model, and it must be the best value for money there is! Every feature appears to work perfectly. Only mod necessary is to take out the x 8 1.5v controller batteries and install a Lipo 11.1v 2500mah, which then lasts for dozens of flights.

    • Glad to know you like your quadcopter. By the way, we are accepting reader reviews if you’re interested 🙂

  • Aussie648

    Will try to get a video together. The Advanced model appears to have longer range and better FPV than your model, but is more expensive of course. I have built a magnifying/shielding box for the FPV screen, which is impossible to see on a summer day in Australia. Just used a 3D viewer box and chopped it up.

    • Smart. I also use the built-in FPV monitor with the H111D, but honestly I don’t really find it very usable. For long range quads I find a tripod-mounted FPV monitor (I use an AOMWAY 7 inch) to be the best bet, while a cheap $70 headset does the trick for smaller micros.


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