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Meet the iDrone i8H, a cool-looking Syma X8HC contender


The Syma X8-series of drones (and later, the X8H series) is arguably the most popular non-micro series available to first- and second-time buyers. Which is why, a lot of companies from all over the world keep trying to compete with Syma in trying to grab a share of the market.

The newest on this list is iDrone (no, it isn’t made by Apple), who just launched their new iDrone i8H quadcopter drone. It comes with a few decent features, but what’s most interesting is the design, it definitely looks like one of the best $100 drones out there (with a bit of YiZhan Tarantula in it). It’s on sale for $99.99 shipped.


Let’s take a quick look at what it has on offer:

Like a proper toy-grade quadcopter drone, the iDrone i8H also performs 360-degree flips. The 1200mAh battery promises a flight time of up to 8 minutes, which is about the standard for quadcopters this size.

The controller comes with a mount on to which you can install your mobile phone. You can thus use your phone as a viewfinder for the quadcopter’s FPV feed. Keep in mind though, since this is WiFi FPV we’re dealing in, there’s a slight lag in the FPV transmission.

The iDrone i8H costs $99.99 shipped worldwide, and is already on sale here.

iDrone i8H Gallery

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