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Tiny QX90: New brushed indoor FPV quad


e0e9cf1c-d827-4949-a6ab-97dcf555d215_resultThe second half of this year is going to be all about indoor FPV quads, courtesy the Tiny Whoop, it seems. We’ve already seen some insanely affordable Blade Inductrix alternatives, and there seems to be no dearth of these despite that.

Update: The Tiny QX90 Review is now up!

What we have here today is the new Tiny QX90, a 90mm brushed quadcopter made for indoor FPV and racing. It’s pretty affordable as well; you can get one for a mere $66 shipped worldwide.


The main point of difference between the Tiny QX90 and the Blade Inductrix is that the QX90 comes with an FPV camera on board, while you need to put one of your own on the Inductrix. That said, the BNF version of the QX90 is what costs $66, so you still need your own controller.

Speaking of controllers, the QX90 comes with hardware based on the F3 Flight Controller and features a Frisky 8-channel SBUS/PPM receiver on board. Thus, if you already have a Taranis, you can go ahead and fly this one out of the box (after a quick bind).

A 650mAh (1S) battery powers the quadcopter as well as the FPV gear. The Tiny QX90 is currently under mass production, and should be available to buyers in a week or so.

Tiny QX90 Photo Gallery

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