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GoPro Karma drone, Hero5 to launch ahead of the holiday season

GoPro Karma

GoPro hasn’t had the best couple of years. Blame affordable Chinese alternatives and the simple fact that there’s a bunch of extra competitors to deal with.

That said, like a lot of other companies — emerging and resurging — GoPro plans to launch a drone of its own. If you aren’t aware, it’s been in the pipeline for a long, long time. Delays due to various reasons have meant the drone will only launch later this year.

GoPro had previously announced that the drone — the GoPro Karma — would launch ‘before the end of this year’. News from the GoPro camps now is that the Karma drone will be up and flying before the holiday season… which only seems logical.

Company CEO Nicholas Woodman didn’t mince words when talking about the Karma drone and the Hero5. He said:

Hero5 and Karma will contribute to the largest introduction of products in our history, all in time for what we believe will be GoPro’s most exciting fourth quarter, ever – a quarter where we expect to return to profitability,

The drone is indeed shaping up to be something worth watching out for, but only time will tell if GoPro delayed the launch one quarter too much. More news about the GoPro Karma drone here.

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