When I was asked to do a review of the new upgraded version of the FQ777-124C nano quadcopter drone, I was beyond excited. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things, such as very impressive flight times, concerning the various versions of this “pocket drone” so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this new version and see what all the hype was about.

It finally arrived today, so let’s take a look at the features included in the box with the FQ777-124C.

Front of packaging
FQ777-124C Review - Back of packaging
Back of packaging

The nano comes in a small attractive box that includes nice graphics and information about the quad on both the front and back. On the front it boasts it has a HD camera, headless mode, 360 flips and One Key Return!

I must admit it’s pretty incredible they can pack a 2 mega-pixel HD camera and microSD card all inside a nano that’s slight smaller than the CX-10WD we recently reviewed.

Inside the box you’ll find pretty much everything packaged nicely inside the quad’s transmitter (with the exception of the external USB charging cable and MicroSD card reader, which are located inside a separate bag).

As I just mentioned, the transmitter serves as a storage case for the nano along with all of it’s accessories.  This makes the transmitter an “all in one stop” for your needs because of the included storage spot on the backside. And if that weren’t enough, there’s a built-in charger for charging while “on the go”!

The built-in charging cable uses the 4 AA batteries in the Tx as power, so I’d not recommend using it too often unless you plan on using rechargeable batteries.

FQ777-124C Review - Controller & instruction manual
Controller & instruction manual
FQ777-124C Review -  Rear storage area & accessories
Rear storage area and accessories

Inside the storage area you’ll find all the accessories and carriage style prop guard if you wish to attach it. The accessories bag includes 6 spare props (yes, I said 6!), 3 landing legs, a strap and 2 extension knobs for the controller gimbal sticks (perfect if you’re a pincher instead of a thumb flyer).

A 4GB microSD card is also included and comes inserted inside the microSD card slot on the nano. The landing gear seem like an unnecessary add-on as it just adds additional weight.  It seems more like a novelty for looks more than anything since the quad lands just fine without them.

The included USB MicroSD card reader is a nice added touch too.

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FQ777-124C Review -  view of all the included acessories
View of all the included accessories with the FQ777-124C quadcopter

Maybe the most impressive thing about this nano aside from the HD cam is it’s use of a removable LiPo.  Unlike other quads in its class that use a fixed non-removable lips, the FQ777-124C uses a removable 3.7v 200mAh LiPo which is a huge plus.

If the LiPo were to go bad or if you simply want to buy extras for more flight time then no worries.  Just unplug the battery and swap it with another.  This is a great feature!

The stated charging time is 1 hour though it seemed like less using the USB charger but I was unable to get an exact time.  I suspect it’ll take longer if you use the built-in charger on the controller so the 1 hour charging time may in fact be for the controller charging time.

FQ777-124C Review -  3.7v 200mah Lipo
3.7v 200mah Lipo

The included instructions are just ok, not terrible, but not particularly good either. The controls and features of the quad are well labeled so it’s not too difficult to figure out the flight features and what each button does.

FQ777-124C Review -  Mode 2 diagram
Mode 2 buttons diagram

The transmitter is surprisingly comfortable and feels good in your hands. Since you can switch gimbal sticks then it’s perfect for both thumb flyers and pinchers. The on/off switch is located on the backside.

As you can see in the diagram above, it includes buttons for pitch and roll trim.  The buttons above the throttle stick activate Headless Mode and One Key Return.  The buttons below the throttle stick are for activating photos and video.

When you press the photo button the rear blue LED’s will flash once to notify that a picture has been taken and saved to the included 4GB microSD card. When you press the video button the rear blue LED’s will begin flashing, to indicate recording. To stop recording your simply press the video button again and the blue LED’s will stop flashing.

By pressing down on the throttle stick you can change rates.  It has two rates, beginners and expert.  If you press down on the right stick you enter into 360-degree flips mode.

To calibrate the gyros you press both sticks down and to the left until the LED’s start flashing. Be sure to have the FQ777-124C aircraft on a flat surface before doing so.

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FQ777-124C Review - Controller with extended gimbal sticks attached
Controller with extended gimbal sticks attached

Moving on, the the quad itself you’ll see it has an attractive glossy finish – much like the FQ777-954 WiFi FPV quadcopter. Mine came in red (though it’s also available in black).

On the front you’ll see the 720 HD camera. On the left side is the on/off switch, the right is the microSD card slot and located on the rear is the power port and battery bay.

FQ777-124C Review - Front view of HD cam
Front view with optional landing gear attached
FQ777-124C Review - Bottom view with lipo in bay
Bottom view with lipo in bay
FQ777-124C Review - Side view of microSD card and slot
Side view of included 4GB microSD card and slot
FQ777-124C Review -  top view in my hand
Top view in my hand

The FQ777-124C uses red LED’s on the front arms and blue LED’s on the rear.  They are bright and make for very easy night flying (though obviously the HD camera is not going to be useful when night flying).

FQ777-124C Review - LED's

As previously discussed, the FQ777-124C comes with a single carriage style prop guard that can be easily added if you are concerned about damaging the props.  I don’t plan to use it though since it adds additional weight and sometimes they can disrupt the flight characteristics and of course, hamper flight times.

The landing gear is a useless feature that is only useful if you like the look it gives with the added height.

FQ777-124C Review -  FQ777 with prop guards attached
FQ777 with prop guards attached
FQ777-124C Review - bottom view with optional landing gear attached
Bottom view with optional landing gear attached

The FQ777-124c looks very similar to the Cheerson CX-10C, CX-10W and CX-10WD though it’s actually a bit smaller in comparison to the CX-10WD I recently reviewed.

FQ777-124C Review - Side by side with CX-10WD
Side by side with CX-10WD on the right
FQ777-124C Review - front view of both nanos
Front view of both nanos

Overall the features, large capacity removable battery, and added 2 mega-pixel HD cam make the FQ777-124C an attractive nano quad compared its competition, especially at the $29.99 price point.  I’ve already taken it for a test flight indoors and I can confirm that it indeed has an impressive flight time.  I flew for well over 7 mins and that included several mins of video.

Recording video will shorten the flight time some but by how much I’ve yet to test.  I’ll be back soon with a full video flight review including the on-board video and the Pros & Cons.  So far from what I recorded during its maiden flight, the video was fairly good for a nano though I need to test it outdoors in better lighting to get a better feel.

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The FQ777-124C is available now for $29.99 from Banggood, who offered us a sample for this review.