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FQ777-124C Flight Demo & Full Review


FQ777-124C Review As promised in the earlier unboxing and initial impressions of the FQ777-124C, I’m back with the flight review of the $29.99 FQ777-124C quadcopter drone. Before I can proceed to the pros/cons and flight video, I have some unfortunate news. After the initial test flight indoors, the camera on my sample stopped functioning.

But I felt this nano was such an exceptional flyer and has such an impressive flight time that it still warranted a flight review.

So let’s get on with the FQ777-124C review!

FQ777-124C Review: Flight Characteristics, Range and Battery Life

The FQ777-124C is definitely one of the sportiest nanos on the market. Without a doubt the fastest and most agile nano I’ve flown. The yaw is fast but isn’t too fast. It is just right for both flight rates (beginner and expert). The yaw does increase slightly when switching to expert rate. It executes funnels exceptionally well and is very easy to fly outdoors even in a slight breeze.

It seems to have more than adequate range though I didn’t test it’s limits for fear of losing it. The flight time is also impressive; during my initial indoors flight test, I got well over 7 minutes and that included over 2 mins of video and several pictures.

Had I not been recording I’m sure the flight time would have exceeded 8 mins easily. Unfortunately, I deleted those video and pictures from the maiden flight so I have no examples to show. Understandably, I didn’t expect the camera to stop functioning.

The 2 mega-pixel camera records video and photos directly to the mircoSD card and provided fairly good HD video during my initial test flight. It’s just unfortunate it stopped functioning afterwards because I’d love to have been able to show off some of its video.

The photos however weren’t quite as impressive as I had wished. They were definitely a step up from the 0.3 mega-pixel cameras that are commonly seen in the FQ777’s competition but they seemed to suffer from too much texture smoothing which made it drop some finer details.

It still was far from bad, just not quite a good as I had expected. The colors however were much better than the 0.3 mega-pixel cams I’ve seen.

So let’s move on to the Pros/Cons and then the test flight footage.

FQ777-124C Review: Pros & Cons


  • Exceptional flight time of at least 7 mins
  • Removable battery makes swapping batteries a breeze
  • 2mp camera takes good HD video (when functional :()
  • Lots of accessories (6 spare props, landing gear, prop guards to name a few)
  • Extremely sporty and fast for a nano
  • All-in-one controller/carrying case with built-in charger is wonderful
  • One key return and headless mode
  • Seems to have very good range
  • Recovers very well from 3D flips


  • Photo/video buttons are hard to reach while flying
  • Camera on our sample stopped functioning after one flight

FQ777-124C Review: Flight Footage

FQ777-124C Review: Final Thoughts

The FQ777-124C is an exceptional nano quadcopter. It’s very fast and agile with an impressive flight time that’s much longer than its competitors. The removable battery is a huge bonus because eliminates the worries of a bad battery and gives one the flexibility to buy additional batteries for hours of fun.

The 2 mega-pixel camera takes good HD video but we can only hope ours was a lemon and that this is not a common problem. Overall I highly recommend the FQ777-124C assuming the defective camera was a fluke and isolated issue.

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The FQ777-124C is available from now from Banggood for $29.99, who offered us this sample to review.

FQ777-124C Review: Photo Gallery

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