The Eachine H8 Mini broke into the quadcopter scene as the world’s cheapest drone. Back in 2015 when it was launched, it sold for $12.99 (shipped worldwide!) making it the most affordable drone then!

It was also one of the first few quadcopters to feature headless mode and one key return. Fast forward to 2016 and you can now fly the tiny little quadcopter in proper 5.8GHz FPV!

What’s good about this Eachine H8 Mini FPV setup is that you can fly it indoors. No more having to depend on the weather anymore ūüėČ

How to add FPV to the Eachine H8 Mini?

Here’s how to add FPV to the¬†Eachine H8 Mini:

  • Get the frame apart by undoing screws on the bottom. There are a total of 8 screws that you need to undo (4 adjacent to the motors + 4 on the arms).
  • Shave the top off of the upper plate. This needs to be big enough to allow the FX797T camera to sit. Ensure that the fit isn’t too tight or the frame will be damaged.
  • Make cutouts on the battery bay (on the bottom plate) to fit a larger battery. The XK X100 250mAh battery¬†is a perfect balance between weight and capacity.
  • Attach the LiPo splitter cable (that came with the FX797T) to the FPV camera, and take the cable from under the frame towards the battery section.
  • Put the frame back in place, and use double-sided tape or an elastic band to secure the FX797T camera in place.

Required Components

  1. Eachine H8 Mini Quadcopter (duh) РAvailable at Banggood and Amazon
  2. FX797T FPV Video Camera + Transmitter РAvailable at Banggood
  3. FPV Monitor/Goggles (I use the Aomway 7-inch monitor with DVR)


FLY IN FPV! As easy as that.

Flying the Eachine H8 Mini in FPV is a truly enjoyable experience, but the super-fast yaw (as you can find in the Eachine H8 Mini review) can be a bit of a problem sometimes.

Also, you’re advised to have the controller antenna poking out on both, the quadcopter and the controller for best range.

If you did this mod, put your videos out on YouTube and let the community check them out by pasting links in the comments section below!

Eachine H8 Mini FPV conversion photo gallery.