The ZeroTech Dobby has been a bit of a revelation. The quadcopter comes with foldable arms and a design that makes it suitable to carry around, even in a jeans pocket.

To add to that, the companion app keeps getting new features with every new update, making the ZeroTech Dobby a must-have for any photography and adventure lover.

Thankfully, unlike the Mi Drone, the ZeroTech Dobby is being produced in enough numbers. What this means is that you can now get one for well under $400, which in my opinion is a great price to pay for a gadget like the ZeroTech Dobby.

Anyway, if you’ve been trying to buy ZeroTech Dobby, here are 5 places you can get one right away!

5 Places You Can Buy ZeroTech Dobby Right Now

buy zerotech Dobby selfie drone

1. Fate UAV

While not an e-store that has been around for too long, Fate UAV seem to know their quads. I’ve had a few chats with the team and they seem like people you could deal with. Reading around forums and websites will also tell you that most owners of the ZeroTech Dobby bought their unit from Fate UAV.

[Update: Fate UAV are offering an additional free battery for the Dobby between September 7 and October 7]

—> Check out Dobby on Fate UAV

2. Banggood

Banggood have been around for a long, long time. In fact, at the time of writing this, Banggood are celebrating their 10th anniversary. I’ve dealt with them in the past (even before RC Drone Arena was born) and it’s usually been a smooth experience.

—> Check out Dobby on Banggood

3. GearBest

The folks at GearBest don’t usually miss out on any action (of any sort). Along with Banggood, GearBest were probably the only shop that had the Mi Drone in stock last month. This time around, they’re selling the ZeroTech Dobby as well (while listing it in stock).

—> Check out Dobby on GearBest

4. GeekBuying

While not as big as the shops mentioned at #3 and #4, the folks at GeekBuying focus on a rather niche category of gadgets — the ‘cool’ category. Needless to say, they are offering the ZeroTech Dobby on their online store as well.

—> Check out Dobby on GeekBuying

5. Amazon / AliExpress

Two of the biggest B2C online marketplaces. You’ll find multiple listings of the ZeroTech Dobby in here, but be sure to verify with reviews and ratings the genuineness of the seller before making your purchase. That said, you might find that the ZeroTech Dobby is slightly higher priced on these platforms as compared to the others ones listed here.

—> Check out Dobby on Amazon // Check out Dobby on AliExpress

5 Places You Can Buy ZeroTech Dobby Drone Right Now – Which One Did You Choose?

buy zerotech dobby 4K selfie drone Dobby

Let us know in the comments section if you’ve successfully managed to buy ZeroTech Dobby from an online seller. Even if it’s not one from the list here, feel free to let fellow readers know so they have more options to choose from, and thus a little more security!

  • Thomas Noll

    Just wanted to let everyone know to be careful with the Dobby drone, I’m not a newbie and have decent flying skills, I received my Dobby Drone from Fateuav and tried it out, Dobby wouldn’t respond to my controls and was erratic and unresponsive and seemed to have mind of its own, I had to grab it to prevent it from hitting my pregnant wife and the blades sliced up my hands pretty bad. I let Fateuav know and all they said was did I try using a different phone to control it and said “Best regards” unreal!!!!

    • That looks bad. I wish you a speedy recovery.