We’ve seen quite a few inverted flying (‘3D’) quadcopters in the past. The UDI U27 has been around a good few months now, and comes from a company that’s known for its quality.

We took delivery of the UDI U27 (from RC Moment) a few days back, and have been flying it since. How good is this inverted flying quadcopter? Let’s find out in the UDI U27 review.

UDI U27 Review: In the box

Inside the U27 box, you get:

  • the quadcopter itself
  • controller
  • 450mAh 1S battery
  • USB battery charger
  • spare propeller set
  • user’s manual

Have a look at the unboxing video below.

UDI U27 Review: Build Quality

The UDI U27 is a really well made piece of kit. This extends to the controller and everything else that you get inside the UDI U27 box.

The quadcopter itself comes with what I’d call a ‘ribbed’ design. This gives the aircraft immense structural strength, in addition to the strength from the material itself.

UDi U27 review 3

The propeller guards are removable and feature a clip-on design, which means that you don’t need a screwdriver to take them on and off. The aircraft comes with a CE certification on it.

Motors on the U27 are fairly large, but that sadly doesn’t translate into agile flying characteristics as you’ll read in the next section. Propellers themselves again seem to be made out of high-grade plastic.

UDI U27 Review: Flight Characteristics

While I was really impressed how the U27 felt in the hands, I sadly can’t say the same about it when it’s in the air. In other words, the U27 isn’t the best micro quadcopter drone I’ve flown of late.

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What’s worse is that at $33 and change, the U27 isn’t the cheapest either, all in all making the case worse.

UDi U27 review 6

Flying the U27 feels like flying a geared micro; perhaps something like a Syma X11 or an X13… when in fact you’re flying a direct-drive quadcopter with fairly thick motors. The copter is slow to respond to stick inputs, and often lags behind the input given to it.

A good test of a quadcopter’s power is the hover test. The U27’s throttle stick needs to beĀ almost all the way up (around 80% to be precise) to make it hover, which is a bit of a shame. For around the same price, you can get a Hubsan X4 which is way more powerful.

That said, the U27 is definitely a lot more agile when flying inverted. To flip it over, have the quadcopter hover in the air and press either of the two shoulder buttons on the controller. Remember to have at least 3 feet of space clear over the quadcopter, or else it’ll hit the ceiling and have a bit of a crash landing.

It comes with a 450mAh battery, which doesn’t have the usual shape and size, but fits the aircraft snugly. It even comes with a cellophane tab to pull it out from the battery hatch, which is a very neat addition.

It’ll take around an hour to charge, and will deliver 1/10th that (around 6 minutes) of flight time, depending on how you fly your quad.

The UDI U27 features headless mode, so that’s a worthy addition. To engage headless mode, you’re required to press and hold the right stick for 3 seconds.

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UDI U27 Review: Controller

UDi U27 review 9

The controller that ships with the U27 takes four AAA batteries. It’s a cute-looking controller, typical of a toy-grade quadcopter drone. Another thing worth noting about the controller is that it will only work for people who give stick input using their thumbs, so no ‘pinching’ will work here (too bad for people like me!).

It comes with a full set of trims -yaw, pitch and roll. The left stick (throttle stick) when pressed changes between modes (low, medium and high), while the right stick acts as a flip trigger (short press) and headless mode switch (long press).

The shoulder buttons, as mentioned before, trigger 180-degree flips.

UDI U27 Review: Picture Gallery

UDi U27 review 1

UDI U27 Review: Conclusion

The U27 is a lovely looking, very well put together quadcopter. However, it is meant only for the very first time fliers. If you have any sort of quadcopter piloting experience behind you, I’d recommend you to steer clear of this one.

While the invert flight feature is fun (and honestly, the U27 is much more agile flying inverted), it simply isn’t good enough for me to recommend getting this one.

UDI U27 Free Loop

UDi U27 review 8

I’d rather recommend something like a Floureon H101 (which is a great flier) or the Eachine H8 3D Mini, if you want an inverted flying quadcopter. If you want to get a U27 anyway, you can get one here.