With more pilots around the globe taking up FPV flying, more and more companies from around the globe are trying to come up with budget kits. Newest in this list is the GB190 190mm frame kit.


The GB190 comes with almost everything you’ll need to have it in the air. This includes the following:

  • SPRacing F3 flight controller
  • FPV camera (2 variants)
  • 190mm carbon fiber frame (4mm arms, 2mm body)
  • Emax RS2205 brushless motors
  • DYS XS30A ESCs
  • 25mW FPV transmitter
  • 5045 propellers
  • and more

GB190 190mm frame kit video

The kit also comes in a few different versions, which range between $209 and $281. You can also purchase just the frame for $48.

This is something intermediate pilots will want to look at, and first timers, avoid. It’ll require a fair bit of soldering knowledge and basic experience with other tools; you can read here to know how to build your own quadcopter.

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