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Leaked photos hint at upcoming folding drone from DJI


DJI Mavic foldable droneFolding drones have been the flavour of the season. We’ve already seen the Dobby, Ying drone, and more recently, the Wingsland S6. All of these drones are made for consumers that just want a drone that works out of the box, takes decent photo/video, and is easy to carry around. If leaks are to be believed, DJI are working on a foldable drone of their own — the DJI Mavic.

Update: It appears as though there is now an official DJI Mavic launch date.

According to sources in China, the drone is expected to launch in the coming few days (specifically, September 15th). Have a look at some leaked photos of the DJI Mavic drone:

DJI Mavic foldable drone DJI Mavic foldable drone

DJI Mavic Features (Rumoured)

  • Foldable design
  • 4K camera
  • 2 axis gimbal
  • 3380mAh battery
  • Android powered controller

Word is that the DJI Mavic will be only 1.43 pounds or 650g, making it one of the lightest DJI drones ever. Also, the Mavic is expected to feature support for 4K video recording, along with a 2-axis gimbal for stabilisation. As for the controller, it’s expected to ship with an Android-powered one with a display on top of it for FPV feed.

Besides, the DJI Mavic is expected to have a 3380mAh battery (which honestly sounds a little too large capacity for a ‘mobile’ drone).

If this is indeed real, it’ll be DJI’s answer to the Dobby, and the likes. With the GoPro Karma around the corner, time is ripe for DJI to invest in the ‘selfie drone’ market.

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