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FreeX SkyView: Yet another DJI Phantom 3 alternative?


Apart from making a fortune for themselves, DJI sure did trigger a revolution in the quadcopter drone market. The Phantom 3 was one of the many successful offerings from the company,y that a large number of competitors took note of with wide open eyes and tried to replicate the success with their own products. The FreeX SkyView MCFX-05 is one such product that hit the market some time back which features a decent level of specifications for a fraction of the Phantom 3’s price.

FreeX SkyView

The drone does FPV with GoPro Hero 3 or similar cameras at 5.8GHz which is streamed on the LCD mounted on its bundled 2.4GHz transmitter. This transmitter has a 1km control range, which is far from bad.

The drone offers features like One Key Return and one-touch take off and landing, Headless Mode, Failsafe, etc. The FreeX SkyView MCFX-05 also has an embedded GPS with which it can lock on to positions and keep hovering. The drone relies on a 6 axis gyro sensor for stabilized flights and a 2 axis brushless gimbal for stabilized FPVs.

It’s 5,400mAh battery can keep it flying for roughly 16 minutes on a single charge. You can get one from here for $599.99 with a free camera.

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